The Unwritten Rule

A few weeks ago when I was getting ready to start my job at the bank, I began going through my clothes, searching for outfits that would be appropriate in a business setting. It’s not like I didn’t have nice clothes but at most I’d only had to come up with one professional looking outfit every couple of weeks or so, but now I would have to do that five days a week. What I found while going through my closet is that every single button down that I could wear to work was blue. Every single one. There was a white shirt that I’d gotten sometime in my teenage years but the sleeves were comically short and didn’t even extend three quarters of the way down my arm. Why not roll them up? Well in professional settings such as the bank, tattoos are frowned upon and should be covered up, and I have two on each arm that would be visible and that is just not acceptable. A person with tattoos apparently doesn’t inspire much confidence when it comes to handling other people’s money. I have polos in many different colors, but the short sleeves again presented a problem for me, so I am stuck wearing blue.

I wonder if my fondness for the color blue has anything to do with the fact that I have struggled with depression, and hope that by wearing blue on the outside will help me feel less so on the inside. I’m not philosophical enough to come to that conclusion but I guess it is a possibility. I didn’t think that I have a favorite color, but the obvious choice would have to be the one that I wear every day right? To be honest my favorite color is the color of clouds on an overcast day before it snows, but when prompted I will probably just answer blue, because that seems simpler and needs no further explanation. Although I do comply with the dress code for working at the bank it seems strange to me. Why does what I wear have any affect on how I perform my job. It doesn’t. I was taught all my life as I’m sure most people are, not to judge people on physical appearance, but in the working world that just doesn’t seem to hold true in the mind of most people.

I wish I could show up to work tomorrow in what I normally wear when I’m not at work, khaki shorts and a t-shirt. I could do my job just as effectively, perhaps even more so given the comfort of my outfit, but that’s just not the way the world works. Most everyone I encounter would be judging me because I don’t look the part of a typical banker and that is, whether you want to believe it or not, a prejudice. In the same way one should not judge a person on their ethnicity, you should not judge a person based on the clothes that they wear, or tattoos they may have on their skin. We should be to a point in society where we judge people on actions rather than appearance. Regardless of whether I have tattoos or not, or wear a button down or a t-shirt, my cash drawer is still counted every day and I’m held accountable for making sure that everything I’ve done at work is honest and ethical. I’m not trying to start a movement or anything, but I just find it kind of ridiculous that these unwritten rules are a part of society, but until I’m told otherwise I’ll keep showing up to work in one of my five blue button down shirts.


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