The Silent Alarm

When I arrived just a few minutes before eight on my first day of work at my new job just a few weeks ago, I was early, as usual, and the first person at the bank. If asked my greatest weakness in an interview I would have to give the answer that I’m obsessively early, all the time. If I’m ever late anywhere, I guarantee you it’s because of something outside of my control, not that I don’t plan for such occurrences, which is why I’m usually really really early instead of just regular person early. This is especially true when I’m meeting people somewhere, because I consider it rude when others are late in similar situations, and I hold myself to the standard in which I hold others to, at least in that regard. I guess technically it wasn’t my first day of work, that was the day before, but I was at a different location, the training building where I spent the day in a classroom and in front of a computer watching sleep inducing videos. But on my second day of work was my first day at the bank where I would be working, and that is the day when the event I’m writing about happened. I hope that clears up some confusion.

So I arrived early, and I could see through the glass doors at the entrance to the bank that a most of the lights were still off, but a few were on overhead. I didn’t see anyone inside, but I didn’t yet know that I was the first person to arrive. I pulled on the door handle and walked into the partially lit lobby, calling out hello to the unseen person who must have been inside. I walked around and peered behind the front desk and into the darkened offices repeating my greeting so as to not startle anyone by my sudden appearance. I got no answer and that is when I realized that I was the only one there, so I walked back through the front doors and sat in a chair in the hallway. A few minutes later I saw through the doors three people enter from the other side of the bank and go behind the counter. It was time to make my second first entrance as the new employee.

I walked through the same doors I had minutes earlier and right up to the teller window where I said hello and introduced myself as the new guy. The three girls were visibly startled and asked how I’d gotten in. I innocently explained that I just walked in, and answered that no the doors were not locked. This seemed to frighten them even more and my new supervisor began walking around the bank looking behind doors and under desks for a possible intruder. Apparently the doors had been left unlocked by mistake which caused worry that someone might be hiding in the bank. A few minutes after verifying that there was in fact nobody hiding, a police officer showed up. Apparently when I had come into the bank for the first time I had set off a silent alarm, which had alerted the police to an unknown presence inside of the bank. Luckily, it was just me, the new employee, and nobody was in danger, but it definitely wasn’t the ideal way to start my first day on the job.


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