Getting Through the First Sunday Without Football

Today was the first Sunday without football in about five months, and despite belief that I would suffer from sever football withdrawals, I’m happy to report that I’m alive and well on this Sunday afternoon. It’s true that a couple of weeks ago, the only football game on TV was the Pro Bowl, a game I didn’t watch, but at least I had the Super Bowl to look forward to the following week, but today, the next game isn’t even in sight, but it was still a good day nonetheless. I woke up fairly early, about 7:30, and got showered and prepared to leave the house, in order to maximize my last day of the weekend and cram in as much fun as possible. It was overcast outside but I was determined to go play disc golf, something I hadn’t done it a while, but rain was in the forecast so I knew I would probably have to get out to the course early in order to beat the bad weather. As I turned off the exit, rain drops started hitting my windshield and I was dejected. I guess I wouldn’t get to play after all.

My wife and I went to the grocery store and did our shopping for the week, stocking up on everything from the granola bars I eat for breakfast to the pasta, ground beef, and avocados that will be main components of our dinners this week. We went home and unloaded the groceries, rain still falling around us as we ran from the car up to the shelter of our apartment. It was just a few minutes after ten, not yet time for lunch unfortunately, although my stomach was telling me otherwise, so I played a game of Madden on the Playstation and thoroughly beat the Saints with my team, the Cowboys. Has anyone else played with the Cowboys in Madden? Jason Garrett looks like a villain, his face constantly covered in a shadow, and I promise this isn’t my bias on my dislike of our coach speaking, it’s a bonafide fact. The other thing that was pretty crazy, was Tony Romo got hurt on the first drive of the game and didn’t return. Even in the offseason the football gods are taunting me.

We went to lunch at Chili’s where I was reintroduced to one of my absolute favorite things at any restaurant and it has nothing to do with food. Just about every time I write about eating somewhere I mention how I HATE waiting for the check after we’re finished eating. Chili’s has a obtrusive little iPad that sits on every single table that allows you to pay for your check whenever you are ready to leave. It’s genius and since that doesn’t allow me to get impatient about waiting on the check, it doesn’t affect the tip I leave, so everybody wins. When we left it was still overcast outside but the rain had stopped, and determined as I was to play disc golf, we drove over to the course to have a little fun. My very first throw hit a tree two feet in front of me, which of course prompted me to declare a do-over, so I threw again, and this time the wind carried the disc further than I’ve ever thrown on the first hole and placed it just a couple feet from the basket. I putt the next shot in, a birdie, and I felt that perhaps the wind was on my side today and I would play my best round of disc golf ever.

I was wrong. On the second hole, my drive, carried by the wind that had just helped me on the previous hole, veered way off to the right. My second shot got a little closer to the hole but the wind was hurting me now more than it was helping. My third shot somehow ended up even further away, as did my fourth, which is when I decided that perhaps disc golf might be better played on a sunnier, less windy day. I came back home, played some video games and took a nap, which really is a staple activity on any good day off. There was no football to help me round out my weekend, but at least I had a good day, which makes the prospect of going back to work tomorrow sting a little less.


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