For My Love

Daily I feel your hold on my heart.
I love you so much, where do I start?
When I first met you years ago,
I was drawn in by your glow

and over the years my love would grow.
So warm and inviting you seemed to be.
You made me feel special, though it never was free.
There first time I pressed my lips to you
A warm fuzzy feeling shook my body through.
It was love at first sight, that much I knew.
You’re sauciness is second to none.
Trust me my love, you’re the only one. 
Through good times and bad, you’re always there.
I love you so much but this feeling’s not rare.
Everyone who meets you agrees that you’re hot.
But I’m writing you a poem and those other fools are not. 
After all these years you still make me feel full.
When I’m feeling down, you are my fuel.
The prospect of having you at the end of each day,
Drives all my worries and struggles away.
Tattooed on my brain is your special smell.
I’ll love you forever, my sweet Taco Bell. 


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