Valentine’s Day

img_3405Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but of course you probably already knew that or else that’s the reason you are in trouble today. My wife and I don’t normally make a big deal out of this “holiday”, usually just go out to dinner together and this year was no exception, although we did up our game this year. For those of you reading this in disgust, thinking “I can’t believe he didn’t get his wife flowers, the unromantic jerk”, I want to make something perfectly clear. I have gotten flowers for my wife on many occasions in the past, sometimes even after she asks me not to, and she’s always appreciative, but she’s really a person who doesn’t like flowers and thinks they’re unnecessary, and usually mentions it anytime she sees someone buying roses. “It’s such a waste” she’ll say. “Why buy something that will die in a few days?” Suffice it to say that she never owned a goldfish.

Anyway, we went out to dinner at the Butcher Shop, a steakhouse, last night, which definitely beat all of our previous Valentine’s dinners. Last year we went to Chilis, the year before I was working so we met at Wendy’s on my lunch break, and the year we first started dating we got a pizza with the pepperonis arranged in the shape of a heart. How romantic. This year I prepared, I made reservations last week for 6:30 and we pulled into the parking lot a few minutes before. We circled the entire restaurant in search of a parking space as I wondered to myself what good a reservation is if you can’t find a parking space. We eventually parked in a parking lot adjoining that of the restaurant and walked through the slight drizzle into the warmth of the restaurant that was overly crowded with hungry couples. We could barely get in the doorway and the hostess was telling people that it would be a two hour wait, but lucky for us we had the reservation so we scooted to the side, got our names checked off the list, and were escorted into the dimly lit dining area.

My wife and I both ordered steaks, me the New York Strip, and her the Top Sirloin, and after a few minutes the waitress brought out our salads and some bread. Maybe it was the excitement of the evening, but it was one of the best salads I’ve ever had, not that I’m any kind of connoisseur when it comes to salads. The lettuce was all very fresh and crisp, and I ate all of it, except for the cucumber which I absolutely can’t stand. The steaks arrived on a plate with a good sized baked potato that was topped with cheese, bacon, and sour cream. The steak was cooked perfect, medium rare as requested, and the potato was a star in it’s on right, the perfect compliment to the slab of meat before me. I have done quite a few meal reviews on this blog, many of which were disappointing, but this one earned a ten out of ten. Even the service was fantastic. Never once did my glass of tea ever run out, as the waitress always seemed to be handy with a pitcher, ready to give me a refill. The meal cost more than we spend on our weekly groceries, but it was absolutely delicious and well worth it. My only hope now is that the blog will become super popular so we can eat like this more often.


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