A Day in the Life

Today was the start of my three day weekend, and true to form, I didn’t waste any time sleeping in. When I don’t have work, I pop out of bed, ready to take on the world. In fact I hate the fact that I need to sleep at all and would much rather spend my free time doing something more meaningful than sleeping for a few hours, but the body has its requirements that one must abide by if survival is of any priority. I woke up at seven, showered and ate breakfast and was on the road five minutes after eight, headed for the Libertyland Disc Golf course. On Sam Cooper Boulevard rain started splattering my windshield and I was having flashbacks to last weekend where the weather prevented me from playing, but luckily by the time I reached my destination, the rain had stopped. The course was completely clear of people, the only cars in sight were hundreds of yards away parked in front of a building with a large sign advertising a flea market. I didn’t play perfectly, and probably never will, but today was the best game I’ve ever had on that course playing a full eighteen holes, so it was a nice start to the day.

Leaving Libertyland I made my way towards my grandparents house where my wife and I hung out for a little bit before going to the mall. My wife wanted to check out some kind of protein powder at GNC, so I walked around the store aimlessly, wondering to myself why anyone would ever feel the need to shop here, where the prices seemed incredibly high. I did see some bars of soap that intrigued me, but one bar cost more than three times the amount of the two bar pack I get at Walmart, so I came back down to reality rather quickly. After the mall we went to eat lunch at the Half Shell. I ate there about a month ago and was not at all impressed with the cajun fish tacos, so today I had the cajun turkey wrap, something I’d had before, and it did not disappoint. I got fries on the side and normally I absolutely hate thick cut steak fries, but I ordered them extra crispy, on the advice of my wife, and they actually turned out to be pretty good. The service was adequate and the food tasty, so overall I’d give the meal a 7 out of 10 overall rating.

Following the meal we did some grocery shopping, drove aimlessly through the streets of Memphis listening to music, and went to Bass Pro Shop. In case you didn’t know, Memphis is home to the world’s largest Bass Pro Shop and it is quite spectacular. Unfortunately the Bass Pro close to where we live is not that one, but rather a much more depressing version. There wasn’t anything that we needed to buy, but we had a twenty dollar gift card, which was motivation enough for my wife to pick something out. She got a t-shirt, and I got a water bottle at the cash register. I’d say we’re pretty even. I’m not sure what the rest of the day holds, but I’d be surprised if there’s no nap involved. This is my first weekend since starting my new job that I haven’t had to work at all and I plan to take full advantage. Come back tomorrow to see what I’m doing, and as always, thanks for reading.


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