Can’t Stand the Heat

Today was a beautiful day in Memphis, Tennessee, so beautiful that I spent the morning outside playing disc golf and tennis before seeking the shelter of my apartment away from the afternoon sun. It’s unseasonably warm for this time of year, and for the first time in a couple months I switched on the air conditioner in the apartment, eager to spend my afternoon on the couch playing video games like the responsible adult that I am. Unfortunately my air conditioner, although it is on, doesn’t seem to be providing any cool air whatsoever, which is a problem. I had a box fan five feet in front of me turned on high and was still so hot that my face was red and condensation was covering my forehead. Luckily all I had to do was put in a maintenance request and hope that someone would come fix my problem quickly, so I went down to the office to do just that.

I told the woman my problem and she apologized before asking her coworker the temperature today, which seemed irrelevant. The coworker replied that it was seventy-two degrees, and the woman to which I was speaking began shaking her head. She once again apologized before telling me that the person who works on the air conditioning won’t come out to the apartments unless it is eighty degrees or hotter. I was completely stunned by this. I pay rent every month with the expectation that if something is broken in my apartment, it will be fixed, but I was apparently sadly mistaken. Although the temperature is supposed to be in the seventies for the foreseeable future, not once is it expected to reach eighty degrees, so I guess I’m just out of luck. I know absolutely nothing about the intricacies of air conditioners or how to fix them, so I’ll just have to suffer through the heat until summer I guess.

When I walked back to my apartment and I opened the front door, a wave of heat hit me like I’d just opened the door to a sauna. Even though it’s warm outside, it is warmer in my apartment, which is why I now have the sliding glass door to my balcony wide open, desperate for some relief, which opens my home up to the possibility of squirrels coming inside, with the potential to bite me and give me rabies. The more I think about it, this doesn’t necessarily sound like that bad of an option, because if I get rabies and have to be shot like old yeller, at least I’ll be put out of the misery that this heat is inflicting upon me. My wife and I were just talking this morning about some of the problems we’ve had at our apartment and were weighing the pros and cons of moving once our lease is up, and this incident in my mind, just about makes the decision for me. I absolutely hate being hot, and the only solace when it’s hot outside is being able to come inside and be cooled off by the air conditioner, but if I don’t even have that, I think there’s a good possibility that I will go crazy. I guarantee you though, that until someone comes to fix the air conditioner I will be stopping by the office every day until this problem is resolved because this is absolutely unbearable.


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