Keeping it Cool

Oh sweet relief! I’m giddy with excitement right now. I walked up the stairs to my apartment, stepped over two boxes in front of the door, and went inside, expecting the wave of heat I’ve come to expect, already resigned to sitting in the dark with a fan directly in front of me all evening, but instead a refreshing burst of cool air welcomed me home. I turned on the kitchen light, picked up the papers laying on the counter, and read with glee the report that someone had entered my apartment while nobody was home and fixed my air conditioner. I don’t love the idea of someone in my house when no one is there, but if they are waiting under the bed or in a closet to kill me, at least I’ll die a happy man, rather than sweating profusely and hating the last seconds of my life. For the past several days, my wife and I have placed numerous phone calls to the management office, telling them our air conditioner needs to be fixed, that the heat was unbearable, but until now they have given me excuses as to why nobody had been sent to fix our problem. I figured now that my wife was in Florida and not at home in the morning to let the repairman in I would spend a week toiling in misery. Thank God for the spare key that the landlord has against my wishes.

The day I got married was a joyous event in my life, as are all of the great vacations I’ve been lucky enough to take over the years. Even the day I won two hundred dollars on a lottery ticket in Florida was pretty great, but I have to say they all pale in comparison to the way I’m feeling right now. I’m in a state of euphoria. What’s even better is that since my cold natured wife is out of town, I’m free to crank the A/C down to the mid sixties and live in absolute bliss for the next week. So maybe my electricity bill will be monumental next month, but you really can’t put a price on this kind of happiness. I should go out and buy a turkey and cook myself a huge Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings, because I’ve never been more thankful than I am right now. Please forgive me for keeping today’s blog brief, but I don’t really feel like writing today. Now that my apartment is cool, all I want to do is sit on the couch in my living room, and watch TV in supreme comfort. There’s a great chance that I’ll wake up in the morning, sick with a cold from my overuse of the air conditioner, but I’m not too worried about it. In my mind it will all be worth it. Earlier this week I was pretty down on my apartment, ready to move when the lease is up, but this nice surprise has wiped the slate clean and I’m happy to stay here in my arctic paradise. I just hope it stays this way.


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