My Pathetic Lunch

Today my lunch was one of the most pathetic meals I’ve ever had, and I have nobody to blame it on but myself. I went grocery shopping last weekend, bought the necessary ingredients to make a killer sandwich to take for lunch today, and completely dropped the ball this morning. There are a lot of great things about being married, but there are also some negatives, one of which for me has been becoming too reliant on my wife preparing food for me. I used to love to cook, and I still do on the occasion that my wife hands over the reigns to the stove, but for the most part I don’t ever have to cook unless I want to. This morning in the shower it hit me that I still needed to make my lunch for work, nothing would be waiting for me in the refrigerator, prepared for my enjoyment as I’ve become accustomed to.

How hard could it be to make a sandwich before heading out the door? It would only take me two, three minutes tops, but when I went into the kitchen I realized that the bread was in the freezer and I didn’t have time to let it sit and thaw. Before I got married I thought people who kept bread in the freezer were crazy, but I’ve come to realize how much bread that goes bad and I waste, and keeping it in the freezer preserves it for a much longer time. The only catch is, you have to let it thaw. Unable to make the sandwich I was planning to take, I decided to take a slice of turkey, and since there were no zip-loc bags to be found (I have recently come to realize how useless I am at finding things in the kitchen), I put it in a plastic container and shoved it into my lunch bag with a nearly empty bag of pork rinds.

By the time my lunch hour rolled around, I wasn’t excited as I normally am. I took out the plastic container that held the single slice of turkey and devoured it in about six bites, really trying to make it last. I finished the protein portion of the meal in about two minutes. I ate the pork rinds, regretting this decision with each bite as crumbs made themselves at home on the front of my dress shirt. It’s hard to look professional with pork rind dust all over you, in case you were wondering and thought you might give it a try sometime. When the workday finally ended I was starving. On the ride home I considered my dinner options, steak and a baked potato, the obvious best choice, or frozen pizza. The potato would take an unbearable amount of time to cook, and frozen pizza just didn’t sound all that appetizing. I stopped at subway. I’m on day five of my wife being gone, and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to survive the next seven days, but tomorrow I’ll try again. I just hope I remember to thaw the bread.


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