The Problem With Society

If I’m being completely honest, there are a lot of things in life that annoy me, and maybe I should work on that, but I’ll save the psychiatric help for another day because I really want to talk about people that have me rolling my eyes on a daily basis. It seems like wherever I go, I see these idiot, and no maybe they’re not idiots, but that’s the opinion I’ve formed about them because of their completely absurd behavior. Most people, the good people, drive to the park or the grocery store, smoothly pull into the parking spot, and exit the car without anyone disliking them and their family. Then there are those people out there, I suppose they’re still considered people even though their actions are completely unnatural, who pull into the parking lot, drive past the spot they intend to park in, then reverse the car with little grace between the lines, usually having to stop and pull forward at least once to go in straighter.

Thinking about these people and the reasons for their actions has kept me up late on many nights. What do they possibly gain by reversing into a parking space rather than pulling in straight like the rest of us. The argument I’ve heard most is that it makes it easier when you’re leaving, but that is a terrible point. It’s so much easier reversing your car into the open space of a parking lot than to do so between two other cars. How much time does it really save you anyway? It takes me like four seconds to get out of a parking space, so if you’re really concerned about losing that little precious time, I would love to follow you for a day and see just how productive you really are. I’m just speculating here, but I think some people do it because they think it makes them look cool, but again, this, if really the belief of the driver, is completely delusional. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen some jerk attempting to reverse into a parking space, only to have to stop, pull forward, then try again because their first attempt was a failure. Maybe I’m alone in this, but that just doesn’t scream cool to me.

If you actually do this, and truly believe that you are saving time, or that you look cool in reverse, let me explain why the cons far outweighs the positives. Aside from looking dumb, which you might already, no matter how you park the car, you completely inconvenience the other people who are walking in the parking lot. If nobody is around, then I guess it’s your prerogative if you want to park backwards, but if there are people walking, especially in a busy grocery store parking lot, just park like a normal member of society. Nobody likes being caught in the showdown with the reverse parker, because we don’t know if you see us or not, given the fact that it takes you multiple times to park, I’d say the safe bet is you don’t. So, since we don’t want to be run over, we have to stand and wait for the duration of your spectacle, while we roll our eyes and wish terrible things upon you and all the members of your vehicle. If you’re out there rolling your eyes at me, still not convinced that your behavior is absurd, let me leave you with some logic to chew on. When you go to the store, where do you put your purchases? The trunk right? If you reverse into the parking spot you are leaving a small gap between you and the car in the space behind you, making it incredibly inconvenient to load your car. If there are any of you out there, who think my points are stupid, and you still feel the need to park in reverse, I would love for you to comment and let me know why I’m wrong. Who knows, maybe you can help me see something I’m not picking up on.


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