The Chicken Biscuit

Last Saturday when I woke up I felt great. I’d been terribly sick the day before but those burdens were far behind me as I woke up to sunshine streaming in through my bedroom window, jolting me awake with a fervor that urged me to get out of bed and greet the day. I stepped outside into the cool February morning, on my way to my grandparents house to hang out for a little while with my dad and mimi, and in the car ride on the way over I had possibly the greatest idea of my life; I would stop by Chick-fil-a and get a chicken biscuit for breakfast. What a genius I am. Rarely do such incredible thoughts occur to me, but when they do, I jump on them with a passion, so I called my dad, told him my plan and asked if either of them wanted me to pick them up something to eat. One of the two accepted, and before long I turned into the Chick-fil-a parking lot, but just barely.

I’ve noticed something since moving to Memphis; no matter the time of day Chik-fil-a is packed. It makes me wonder why the quality fast food chain hasn’t exploded on the rest of the country like it has the south, because the parking lot is always full. There were two lanes in the drive thru opened that Saturday morning, both of which extended all the way out to the street. As I sat there listening to Greenday, song after song playing as I waited, I began to question if this was all worth it for a chicken biscuit. I remained in line, answering the question. When I finally placed my order, two delicious chicken biscuits (I didn’t actually say delicious when ordering, but am adding that now for effect. I’m not a lunatic who uses excessive adjectives when speaking in real life.), the process seemed to speed up and I was out of the crazy parking lot in just a few minutes.

Sitting at the table in my grandparents living room, each bite of the chicken biscuit reaffirmed my decision to stick it out through the grueling process of obtaining the breakfast sandwich, and in fact all doubts I’d previously had, faded away. I began thinking that perhaps this was the absolute best way to start one’s day and how great it would be to stop by Chick-fil-a each morning on my way to work. The only downside would be the extra fifteen to twenty minutes I’d need to wake up earlier in order to make this dream a reality, a sacrifice I’m not currently willing to make on a daily basis. As I sit here writing this blog, one week since my last chicken biscuit fix, I am seriously considering doing it all again in the morning. It may be the hardest I’ve ever persevered for anything in my life, but I can take solace in knowing that at the end of it all, I’ll be happy.


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