Grizzlies Aftermath: 4th Straight Loss

Tonight should have been a great night, the most fun I’ve had in a while. All of the ingredients were there; my brothers coming to visit, tickets to an NBA game, the Grizzlies against their rival Clippers, and pulled pork nachos on the menu for dinner, but unfortunately things didn’t go quite as expected. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see my brothers and have them here, and I won’t ever turn down tickets to watch the Grizzlies play, but if I’m being totally honest, the game was a huge let down. After losing the previous three games, this was a huge game for us, not a must win, but certainly one that might make up for all the misery of losing. Refusing to back down from the mistake he made on Monday night, starting rookie Andrew Harrison, coach David Fizdale stuck to his guns and proved to all of us in attendance that indeed, nobody can tell him what to do. His idiocy may have led to yet another crushing and disheartening lost, but at least he can pretend that he’s a tough guy that doesn’t bother to learn from his mistakes. Well done coach.

The blame for the loss can’t solely be placed on the coach though. The truth is the Grizzlies really struggled shooting the ball tonight. We didn’t make a three pointer until late in the third quarter and the shots that typically fall for Conley and Gasol, weren’t being as generous tonight. Maybe it’s because the game fell on a Thursday night and the attendance to the game was less than spectacular, but the normally rocking Grindhouse, felt like the most depressing place in the world tonight. The crowd was in it for maybe five minutes and then from there on out, it was like there was a carbon monoxide leak in the building, void of its usual energy.

Now you may be thinking, it may have been a bad game but at least you got some barbecue nachos. I know, I was thinking that too when I bought them, and don’t get me wrong, the pulled pork was delicious, succulent and tender, but there just wasn’t too much of that to be found. Most bites I took tasted mostly of the tortilla chip and barbecue sauce, and sometimes when I prayed extra hard to the food gods, some nacho cheese. It may have been an altogether unpleasant game to attend, but the good news is, we’ll try it again on Saturday night. My wife will be joining us so maybe she’ll turn out to be the good luck charm that we need, or maybe the Grizzlies head coach will come to his senses and realize that what he’s trying to do right now isn’t working. I was happy when we hired coach Fizdale, and for the most part have been impressed with him thus far, but I really hope he gets his head back in the game and quick, because we just lost our fourth game in a row, and we’re starting to look pretty pathetic.


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