these are foods i like. mashed potatoes and gravy. mashed potatoes without gravy, but with salt and pepper. baked potato but not plain, i hate plain! it must have cheese. and sour cream! or no sour cream. either way is fine, but not just a plain old potato. mini corn dogs, but cooked in the oven not the microwave. grilled cheese sandwiches. i used to make grilled cheese and eat it with cheez-its and dream of owning a restaurant called cheese’s that only featured cheese type foods. my favorite cereal is cap’n crunch, peanut butter crunch, and cinnamon toast crunch. i guess i’m just a sucker for a good crunch. i like cocoa pebbles too. yum yum. my favorite dessert is ice cream and my favorite desert is the sahara. i like pistachio ice cream. and chocolate. and strawberry. and anything but fat free. gross. the best is probably peanut butter cup though. it’s delicious with peanut butter and chocolate and tons of fat. popcorn is okay. it gets stuck in your teeth like an idiot. boo! butter is good on popcorn though. chicharrones are my new favorite snack. i used to think they were gross but now they taste good to me, especially the spicy ones. chips are good but sometimes they’re not. i don’t have a favorite but some i like are fritos. doritos. super spicy with dr. pepper. i like kettle cooked things. salty chips. the ones i like most have nacho cheese on them and sometimes jalapeños. careful not to burn your tongue.

bacon is better but sausage tastes greasy. gravy on biscuits is my favorite breakfast with lots of black pepper on top. scrambled eggs are sometimes on the plate but without cheese they are useless. to drink with breakfast coffee tastes awake. oreo cookies with the peanut butter inside are superb. cooked green peppers on things give things a fun texture and the same goes for red. hot dogs are disgusting but they taste so good, especially when they make the bun all soggy. hamburgers aren’t ham but they taste good for lying. tacos are good but only soft. lasagna reminds me of ice cream, because i like that too. blackberries are great, sweetened with sugar and baked in a cobbler, but otherwise are yuck. too seedy. crepes are thin but if you eat them a lot you will be fat. but its ok. they are good. i like my crepes with ham and cheese. and being in paris. fruit roll ups are yum. especially the foot long ones. i like to put the whole thing in my mouth at once. i wonder why my teeth are falling out. pistachios are fun to crack but even funner to eat. walnuts are not. almonds are also not. cashews are good. i pick all of them out of the can of mixed nuts. i’m a bad party guest. raisins are throw up. except when covered with chocolate. food coloring is delicious. and pizza is pepperoni. now I’m hungry. let’s eat.


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