IMG_3433Tonight after I got off work, my brothers, along with myself and my wife went out to dinner. We all love Mexican food, so I decided to share with them, my favorite place for Mexican food in Memphis, Playita Mexicana. We walked into a completely full restaurant a few minutes after seven, but only had one group of people waiting in front of us for a table so the wait wouldn’t be that long. Just as it came to be our turn and a booth opened up along the wall, a couple of police officers walked in and were offered OUR table. Thankfully, contrary to most tv shows, these cops weren’t scumbag crooked cops but seemed to be respectable gentlemen as they turned down the offer and said they didn’t mind waiting. We sat down and ordered our drinks, food, and a large cheese dip to share. Not even five minutes later our steaming plates were being brought from the kitchen; the entrees had beaten the cheese dip, which is ridiculous but the more I think about it I think that’s happened to me before at this restaurant.

The food was delicious, as always, although they put chicken on my taco instead of beef. I didn’t send it back or ask for another, which in hindsight was probably a good thing, because I might never have gotten my plate back. The juxtaposition of the arrival time of the food and the speed of service exhibited by the waitstaff couldn’t have been more different. Our waitress refilled drinks a couple of minutes after the food arrived and then disappeared for the remainder of the meal. We sat for a good twenty minutes after we’d finished eating, looking around and trying to spot our waitress so we could wave her down and ask for a to go box and the check.

After a while my brother got the attention of a bus boy and asked him to tell our waitress we were ready for the check. I don’t know if he didn’t speak english or just hated my brother, but the message apparently did not get relayed. Finally the waitress arrived at our table, fanning her stomach with her hand and saying she’d been so busy. I don’t know her intended effect but it gave me the impression that she’d been stuck in the bathroom with an upset stomach, something nobody needed to know. The restaurant was very crowded, so could she perhaps have been busy helping other customers? If she was then she was moving so fast that she appeared to be a blur because we looked all around the one room restaurant and could not find her. This isn’t the first time I’ve been there and the service has been incredibly slow, in fact it’s usually like that, which I guess is the ultimate compliment to their food. I like your food so much that I’m willing to endure every terrible minute of waiting for the servers. I’m sure I’ll be back again soon enough.


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