Daylight Savings Time

Last night I lost an hour of sleep due to daylight savings time beginning, but I’m here to give you a blog anyway, despite being exhausted from my lazy Sunday. I’m nothing if not resilient in the face of crises, and believe me, losing an hour of sleep is an absolute catastrophe. For most of my life I have been a fan of daylight savings time ending in the fall, and not because we get an extra hour of sleep. I’m just one of those freaks that enjoys it being dark at five o’clock every afternoon. I love that those nights seem to stretch out for hours before having to go to sleep, and that the early darkness means christmas is getting closer. That being said, today I’m actually pretty excited that daylight savings time has started back up again. As a member of the “professional” world, it seems like all I do during the week is get up, go to work, watch tv or read for a couple of hours, and go to bed, only to repeat it all again the next day. I put professional in quotation marks because technically that’s the world I’m in now, but if I’m a part of it I highly suspect it can’t really be all that professional.

So since my weekdays seem to revolve around work I’m always looking forward to the weekends because that is when I can get out of the house and do some things for enjoyment, like go to the park or play disc golf. Now that the sun isn’t setting until two hours after I get off work I have the freedom to do all my favorite outdoor activities after work, rather than having to drag myself through the week so I can be rewarded with that on the weekend. Not that I hate my job by any means, but now it will make it a little bit easier getting up for work in the morning knowing that I will get to go to the park when I get off. I’ve seen a lot of people on social media today talking about how daylight savings time should be a permanent thing and we should never set our clocks back an hour in the fall. While I am enjoying this extra sunshine and time to do whatever I want outside, I’m going to have to disagree with these people.

I think the joy and euphoria that people are feeling right now because of the extra daylight will begin to wane over the summer months and by the time fall rolls around, very few people will be taking advantage of it the way that they are now. Too much of a good thing leads to that thing being taken for granted. Just ask New England Patriots fans in a few years after Tom Brady retires. I think that setting the clocks back an hour in the fall is perfect in that once spring time rolls around and an extra hour of light is given to us, we really appreciate it after living in the darkness for so long. Enjoy the sunshine everyone!


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