Movies to Watch

Since going to see “La La Land” in theaters a couple of weeks ago I have been watching quite a few more movies than I normally do. I’ve just been really in the mood to watch movies lately, so in the spirit of being the nice person that I am, I’m going to use today’s blog to let you know what I’ve been watching and also give you some recommendations. If you haven’t seen the movie “Zootopia” then you definitely need to add that to your to-do list, probably near the top right after “feed the kids” but before “take a shower.” It’s an animated film but one that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s actually pretty funny and I found myself laughing out loud at these intriguing cartoon characters. Keeping with the animation theme I then watched “Sausage Party”, and while it was funny, this is not one that should be viewed by the entire family unless everyone in said family is an adult. It’s a great concept about items in a grocery store who dream about being taken to the great beyond (outside the store). They think it’s a magical place but when an item is returned with tales of what he saw, horror ensues in a very hilarious fashion.

When my brothers were here over the weekend we watched a couple of oldies, the first being “Dumb & Dumber.” While I’m sure most of you reading have already seen this one, it is definitely one worth going back and watching again, especially if you, like me, haven’t seen it in a few years. The other older movie we watched was “Uncle Buck”, one my brothers had never seen before, and until a few years ago, neither had I. It’s a John Hughes film, starring John Candy and Macauley Culkin before “Home Alone”. It is very funny and if you haven’t seen it I’d highly recommend it. It’s good for the whole family and features Culkin’s trademark child wit that will have you laughing throughout.

Last night my wife and I rented “War Dogs”, a movie that came out last year. It is a story based on true events about these two guys in Miami that make millions of dollars selling supplies to the military in the Iraqi war. Jonah Hill and his co-star, who’s name I’m forgetting at the moment, are fantastic in their roles and will keep you captivated throughout the entirety of the movie. A lot of films seem to hit dull spots, but this one is interesting and funny all the way through. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend picking it up at Redbox and giving it a try. Although it’s about events that happen during the war, it’s not an action movie and can be enjoyed by all mature audiences. I really do enjoy movies and my hope is that I can have a blog post on the subject every once in awhile keeping you apprised of what I’m watching and what I think you’d enjoy, so be sure to come back next time you’re looking for a good movie to watch and I’ll give you my amateur opinions.


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