I Embarrassed Myself Today

I did something pretty embarrassing today. I guess it all began when I walked out of the bank on my lunch break about ten minutes after one. I was immediately hit by a cool gust of wind and the crisp cold air felt great against my face as I made my way across the parking lot towards my car. It was my favorite kind of day, overcast, cloudy, and super cold, the kind of day most people find gloomy and depressing. I knew I would be getting out of work at 4:45 and that would give me a couple hours of glorious daylight to enjoy the perfect weather, so as I ate my sandwich, I thought about what I wanted to do after work. Going for a walk is always a great option on these kind of days, but I went to the park yesterday afternoon and walked through the woods so I decided to do something different today. Disc golf is always my go-to outdoor activity but since today was really windy I knew that playing in these conditions would be more frustrating than fun so I decided against that.

I went back to work racking my brain trying to figure out what I wanted to do and it wasn’t until I arrived home that I decided and asked my wife if she wanted to play tennis. She agreed which was pretty shocking to me because she generally doesn’t want to play on a regular day with normal temperatures, but it was thirty-seven degrees outside and she said yes. She wore jeans and a fleece jacket, choosing to stay warm rather than being able to move around the court without any mobility restrictions. I on the other hand dressed as an athlete should on a tennis court, shorts and a t-shirt. We stepped out into the cold winter afternoon and made our way down towards the court.

I didn’t act like I was cold but the truth is I was freezing. I just kept telling myself that once we made it to the court and I started moving around, I would warm up quickly, so I put one foot in front of the other and pushed myself every step of the short four minute walk. On the sidewalk approaching the gate I saw the chain wrapped around it with the lock on it. This wasn’t the first time we’d shown up to play tennis only to be locked out, and this time I was freezing, so I was not happy about the prospect of having to track down a key for a court that shouldn’t even be locked in the first place. We walked back to the apartment office and I told the receptionist that we were locked out of the tennis court and that we were trying to play. She apologized and said that the gate was supposed to be unlocked every morning and that she would meet us there with the key to let us in. So for the second time I walked through the cold, towards the tennis court, all the while preparing a speech about how ridiculous it was to have to find someone to unlock the court every time we wanted to play and when she arrived with the key, I began. “So every time we want to play we have to find someone with a key to let us in?” She said no, that the court is normally unlocked every morning. “This is the third different time I’ve come down to play tennis, only to find the gate locked. This is ridiculous.”

She apologized again and reached for the lock to let us in, only she didn’t insert the key. She slid the lock out of the chain, unraveled the chain from around the gate, and swung it open so we could get on the tennis court. Apparently it wasn’t actually locked, but it was just made to look that way to keep outsiders off of it. This would have been great to know before I made this person walk through the freezing cold with a key, and give her a speech on how ridiculous the situation was. I’m sure I’ve been more embarrassed in my life, but this has got to be near the top of my list. I felt horrible and like an idiot and apologized at least five times. There’s no question anymore, we have to move. I can’t see her ever again.


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