The Jerk at Work

How about I tell you a little story about my job? Last Thursday I was the only teller working from 4:30 to 5 in the afternoon, when we closed. Only the drive-thru is open after 4:30 so it’s not really that big of deal, certainly within my realm of capability. I continued helping customers, counting down the minutes until the bank closed and I could go home. At about three minutes until five a car pulled into the drive-thru and sent several deposits over to me so I began working on that. I wasn’t quite finished when the clock struck five, but I stopped for a minute to close the other lanes of the drive-thru so everyone would see that we were closed and nobody else we drive up expecting to be helped. The only car in sight was the one belonging to the customer I was helping, so I went back to my computer and continued processing his deposits.

When I was just about done, somebody pressed the button in the drive-thru to call into the bank. Ding! I just ignored it and finished what I was doing but not before whoever was pressing the button did so five more times in rapid succession. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Idiot. I sent the receipts back through the tube to the customer patiently waiting in the drive-thru then turned my attention to the rather impatient one sitting in the lane next to him. I turned the microphone on and started to tell the woman that we closed at five, but before I could get the sentence out she rudely interrupted me saying that she was there before five and the tube was gone and demanded I send it back to her. Forget the fact that she was being incredibly rude, there was no way she was there at five because when I closed the drive-thru at five, another car was nowhere in sight. I tried explaining this but was once again interrupted with the same demand to send the tube over. My supervisor heard what was going on and told me to just run her transaction. Apparently this woman was consistently acting in a rude manner when she came to the bank it would just be easier to do her deposit and send her on her merry way before she caused anymore trouble.

I ran her transactions and being as nice as I could be in my extremely annoyed state of mind I smiled into the camera and told the customer to have a nice day, which was met by no reply. I went about my business doing my closing duties, then went back to the drive thru window to bring the tube in that I had sent back out for that one customer. I pressed the button and heard the loud whooshing of air, but the familiar thump of the tube did not follow. I peered out the window and saw the tube sitting on top of the machine that brings the tubes back, rather than inside it, where every single other customer puts it. The jerk purposefully placed the tube where I wouldn’t be able to get it without going outside, and did so after I helped her and ran her transactions when I didn’t have to. It may have inconvenienced me to make her deposits after we closed and to have to go outside to get the tube, but I have a sneaking suspicion that if she is ever in my window or I’m working the drive-thru when she pulls up, she will be waiting a while. Unluckily for her, I remember her name.


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