Why I Write

A lot of you reading this right now are aware of the fact that I write a blog every single day, and if you’re being honest with yourself I bet a lot of you reading this write now get tired every once in a while (or perhaps more often) of seeing my barrage of posts on social media. Maybe you wonder why I do it or maybe you couldn’t care less (that’s the correct way of saying that phrase by the way for all of you idiots out there who say “I could care less” which doesn’t emphasize your point whatsoever), but regardless of which side of the line you fall on, I’m going to tell you anyway. For as long as I can remember, at least as far back as my high school years, I’ve wanted to write a blog. I love writing, and a blog allows me to share my opinions and experiences while also adding some humor every once in a while, which is always a lot of fun. So over the years I have pursued this dream of having a successful blog that people come to for a laugh and I get off to a great start, writing a couple of posts and getting some good feedback. Trust me, I’m great at starting blogs, so great in fact that I have started quite a few, but the trouble is, I lose steam after a little while, sometimes after a few days, sometimes it’s been a couple weeks, but the end result is always the same; I fall into the lazy habit of not writing and I hate myself for it.

When my wife and I moved to Memphis last Summer, we started watching this guy on Youtube named Casey Neistat, based on the recommendation of my brother-in-law, and I was instantly hooked. Casey was a daily Vlogger that lived in New York City who made a new seven to ten minute video every single day for more than a year. His passion for creating something new every day was contagious and reasoned that if someone can make a video throughout the day, edit it, and post it the next morning, then I can certainly take some time to write a blog each day. So that is what I’m doing, and have been doing for more than half a year now. It hasn’t always been easy for me, and I’m sure some of my posts have just been absolutely atrocious to read for you, but I’m sticking with it and that’s something. Every post may not be great, in fact very few are, but I continue to come up with ideas day after day and churn out a blog. It’s gotten to the point now that writing is such an important part of my day and a part of my life that if I were to skip it one day, I would feel like something wasn’t right. I don’t foresee myself stopping anytime soon, but I’m sure one day I will, either because I don’t enjoy it anymore or I die, but until that time you can find me right here, every single day, doing my part to make the world a cluttered place.


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