Coffee Duty

When I got my job at the bank and stopped working in the cafe in the park except on weekends, I thought my coffee making days were over except when I made it for myself at home. There’s just something about making it for yourself that’s much more satisfying than having to make it for others, and perhaps that’s selfish, but it’s the truth. My first day at the bank one of my coworkers started a pot of coffee just after we arrived, as any good human being would do, and the next day a different coworker did the same. Trying to fit in and be a team player I stepped up to the plate and did my part to pitch in and made that morning’s coffee. The first pot had too much water in it I was informed. “So should I make another pot?” “Well I’m not going to drink any of this,” came the reply from one of my coworkers. She wanted me to dump it out and make more. Pouring out a full pot of coffee seemed like sacrilege, so I poured myself a cup and dumped the rest out.

My second try I was sure to adhere strictly to the specifications I was given and before long everyone was enjoying a cup of coffee, thanks to the new guy. The next day I went about my business waiting for whomever was up in the rotation that day to make the coffee, but much to my dismay nobody did. After a little while one of my coworkers turned to me and inquired “no coffee today?” Apparently it was on me to make the coffee once again, so I obliged and since that day there has been an unspoken expectation that I’m the one responsible for making the coffee each day. It’s not like a lot of work goes into making the morning coffee, but it just seems like perhaps everyone should do their part, since everyone drinks it, but maybe I’m the only one who feels that way.

I was thinking about it this morning and my situation is exactly like when you feed a stray cat on your porch. If you feed the cat once, it will continue coming back with the expectation that you will feed it again. Likewise, since I made the coffee once, it is now the expectation that I will continue doing so day after day. I have no idea how to avoid this situation as the morning caffeine dependance of the entire bank staff rests solely on my shoulders, but I suppose I’ll soldier on and continue to make the coffee every day. Not all heroes wear capes. I suppose my only out is if someone new is hired and one day they decide to pitch in and make the coffee one time, like I did a couple of months ago. The next day while they are sitting around waiting for the coffee to be made, I’ll look them dead in the eye and ask “what, no coffee today?” and then they will be the one stuck doing it until they can push it off on someone else down the line. Sucker.


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