I Won the Lottery

I won the lottery, well I guess technically my wife won it, since she’s the one that scratched the ticket, but seeing as how we’re married and I’m legally entitled to half of everything, I’m a big winner tonight as well. Today was a pretty boring day as days tend to go. Work was slower than usual and the time seemed to drag by at a pace worthy of a prison sentence. Afterwards I picked my wife up at home and we went to pick up pizza. There’s just something that feels right about eating too much pizza on a Friday night when I don’t have to go to work for the next two days. On the way home I decided to stop off at the gas station nearest my house to get a lottery ticket. Since I got paid today I didn’t want to waste any time throwing my hard earned money away and I figured the lottery was as good a place to start as any.

I bought the ticket and handed it to my wife to scratch while I drove home. As we pulled into our apartment complex my wife looked at me with a newfound happiness and informed me that we had won. I’m not going to be the type of person who quits his job hastily after winning, because believe it or not, I actually enjoy my job to a certain degree. I won’t let winning the lottery change me either. It would be easy to start spending our winnings easily, in fact there are a lot of things that I could buy with our newfound money, but for once in my life I’m actually going to do the responsible thing and wait a little while before I start spending.

I realize that making this information public might open the door for people to start asking us for money, but let me put a stop to that before it begins. I’m the one who bought the lucky ticket therefore I am the only one, along with my wife that will be spending any of the money. I don’t want to hear any sob stories about the debt you’re in or the new car you desperately need, because despite my winnings I’m not feeling all that charitable at the moment. It may seem selfish, but I’ve got to be practical with the money and if we start handing it out left and right there won’t be anything left for me to enjoy. I’m not even going to buy a new car for myself, not because I wouldn’t love to cruise around in a Lexus, but because we only won twenty dollars. The wheels are spinning though, with my head full of ideas how to spend the money, but like I said, I won’t spend a penny of it today. Perhaps tomorrow night once my wife gets off work we will cash in the ticket and use our winnings to go out to dinner, someplace cheap, perhaps Chili’s where we can get the two for $20 meal. Whatever we eat, it will taste much better knowing that we’re paying for it with found money, just one of the many perks of winning the lottery.


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