An Abundance of Mexican

Saturday I went to lunch with my dad and Mimi. My wife was at work so she didn’t join us, but she was texting me while I was at the restaurant. I know it’s considered rude to have your cellphone out at the table, but it’s also considered rude to ignore one’s wife so I chose to forego the rule of texting at lunch since that is the rule I probably wouldn’t get in trouble for. We were eating at El Porton, which I usually refer to now as El Proton because one time my dad texted that to me and I thought the autocorrect version was funnier than the original, so naturally that’s the name I use. I told my wife we where we were and she immediately responded back with how great that sounded and she was really craving some steak and guacamole, which may seem like an odd combination to some, but at a Mexican restaurant it’s hard to top. When my wife returned home from work that evening she again mentioned how good that sounded, and not one to pass on an opportunity for good Mexican food, I suggested we go to El Proton together the following night, and that’s what we did.

There are some things that I get tired of eating after a while, like sandwiches, or pasta, but when it comes to Mexican food, I feel certain that I could eat it for every meal of every day and still enjoy it just as much every time. One of the huge advantages of eating at a Mexican restaurant is that you can begin stuffing your face the moment you sit down at the table, thanks to the complimentary chips and salsa, but we ordered a cheese dip to go with it just in case we weren’t completely full by the time our entrees arrived. My wife ordered the carne asada, the steak she had been craving, and I got nachos with fajita steak on top. That’s right, I ate cheese dip as an appetizer then ate chips topped with cheese dip and steak as my main course. I’ll be lucky if I live to see thirty, but it was delicious, and no amount of heart damage can take that away.

We finished the meal and left the restaurant last night, full and content with my decision to eat at the same Mexican restaurant for the second day in a row. As I sit here writing about those two delicious meals, I can’t help but think how great it would be to eat there again today, but luckily for my health we have a budget in place that won’t allow us to go out to dinner again until next weekend. The upside is that we have all the ingredients to make tacos and I’m pretty sure I can convince my wife that we should eat that for dinner. It may seem crazy to eat Mexican food three days in a row, but to me, it seems crazy not to. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go munch on some chips and guacamole while the tacos are being prepared.


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