Last Day of Work

IMG_3476Remember that episode of Seinfeld where George quits his job and then regrets it almost immediately? That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now. As soon as I punched out for the day, my final time as an employee working at Kitchenette, and said my goodbyes, a wave of sadness washed over me and landed in the pit of my stomach as I walked to my car, and so far, that feeling has not left me. The whole car ride home I debated in my mind whether to call my boss and ask her if it was to late to un-quit. Today was a really good day working at the cafe in the park, a day that reminded me how great of a job it is, and now I may never have that again. Today in Memphis was the perfect spring day, sunny but not to hot, the ideal day to be outside at the park. Shelby Farms, the park wherein the cafe is located was having a big earth day celebration today, and thousands of people were in attendance. I spent most of my five hour shift riding around in a golf cart with one of my coworkers, selling drinks to all of the visitors and it was an absolute blast. Riding around the lake with the gentle breeze keeping me cool, I couldn’t have pictured a better last day.

I live five minutes from the park so I can and will continue going there as often as I like, but it just won’t be the same since I don’t work there anymore. No longer will I be able to have great conversations with my coworkers because we aren’t coworkers anymore and they will be working. Of all the many jobs I’ve had over the past ten years or so, this one was by far the hardest to leave because of the great company that employed me, and more than that because of the great people I worked with. My boss wasn’t just the nicest boss I’ve ever had, but she really cared about the employees on a more personal level, something that just isn’t that common in other workplaces. I’ve learned so much working there and although I really wanted to quit, so that I wouldn’t have to work so much on weekends anymore, I’m really sad that it’s over.

I really thought I would be there long term, but winter came and people stopped coming to the park, subsequently causing my hours to go down. So I did what I had to do in that situation, I found another job, one that paid me more and allowed me to work forty hours a week. I really do love my new job at the bank as well as the people I work with there, but I’m going to miss being at work, and watching the amazing sunsets over Hyde Lake, and riding around on the golf cart in the morning and watching deer graze in the dewy grass. Goodbye Kitchenette, it truly has been a pleasure working there, and with all sincerity I will miss it. Thanks for the memories.


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