Opening Day


It’s a beautiful spring day but I’m spending it inside, watching TV. How could I not? It’s opening day of the Major League Baseball season and I could not be more excited. I woke up at 4:30 this morning and had trouble going back to sleep, too excited about all of the possibilities that lie ahead. In the movie Rookie of the Year, the great John Candy said “It’s opening day at Wrigley, and oh what a sight! The diamond, the decorations, and the dread of yet another losing season”, a quote that I’m sure sums up perfectly what a lot of you baseball fans out there are thinking. It’s a great day when baseball finally arrives, possibly the best day of the year right behind Christmas, and every baseball fan has the hope that maybe this year their team will become the World Series champion. We are past that annoyingly long stretch between the end of football season and opening day in the MLB. Sure we’ve had basketball, but at least for me, football and baseball reign superior.

As I write this, the second game of the day is about to start between the Giants and the Diamondbacks. The first game between the Yankees and the Rays wasn’t a great game by any stretch of the imagination, but it was fun to watch nonetheless. If you, like me have come to despise the New York Yankees and everything that they stand for, then you were treated to a delightful few hours of them getting completely annihilated by Tampa Bay. I have no rooting interest in the inferior American League, but anytime I get to watch the Yankees lose, it’s a pretty good game. I don’t do a lot of things right in life, but opening day in baseball might be the one exception. I had some nachos for lunch and snacked on pistachios during the game. I know, I know, traditionally peanuts are what real Americans eat, but pistachios are nuts too and similarly you have to open a shell before you eat them, so I made due with what I had in my pantry.

Although it’s been a good day of baseball so far, what I’m really looking forward to tonight is the game between the Chicago Cubs and my favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals. Given how dominant the Cubs were last year, going on to win their first World Series in over a hundred years, things may not turn out so well for the Cardinals, but again, I have that opening day hope and nothing that has happened in the past can take that away. In keeping with the theme of eating ball park food today, I’ll be having hot dogs for dinner as I cheer on St. Louis from the comfort of my couch, and who knows, maybe I’ll even run to the store and pick up some peanuts by then. No matter who you are or who your favorite team is, I hope they have a successful baseball season and bring you copious amounts of joy, so long as you’re a Cardinals fan. Happy opening day everybody. Play ball!


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