Nobody Cares About the Baby Giraffe

If I were to tell you that at your local zoo a baby giraffe was born, wouldn’t that be pretty exciting? Surely hundreds if not thousands of people would flock to the zoo, eager to see the baby giraffe attempting to walk for the first time. Well, last week in Memphis, a giraffe was born, but nobody seems to care about it. This should be a huge deal, local reporters should be covering the new addition to the zoo family like the start of a third world war, however few people are actually talking about it. Sure, the Memphis zoo has been on the news multiple times in the past week, but it hasn’t been because of the new giraffe. No, the focal point of all news stories is another baby, a hippo that was born last week as well. The new hippopotamus is such a big deal that on Friday the zoo opened at eight in the morning, an hour earlier than normal, theoretically so people could stop by the zoo on their way to work for a glimpse of the new baby. The baby hippo is cute, of course, but why is it’s arrival so much more exciting than that of the new giraffe that was also born a week ago? By the way there was a third baby born at the zoo last week, an animal much less popular than the giraffe and the hippo, one that absolutely nobody is talking about, because apparently nobody cares.

How sad is it that the birth of the baby giraffe, and other animal that I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say because the information is privileged, given to my wife as an employee of the zoo, is overshadowed by the birth of a baby hippo. What makes the hippopotamus so much greater than the others? The zoo wasn’t opened early for visitors to view the other two babies, only the hippo, and as someone who has been overshadowed in many of my endeavors I find this behavior very offensive. I think I’ll go to the zoo tomorrow on my day off work and I won’t even stop by the hippo exhibit. Okay, of course I’ll stop by just to glance at the new baby, but I’ll spend more time looking at the baby giraffe, just so that it knows, somebody actually cares about their life.

Maybe one day we will live in a perfect world, a world where there is no war and no sadness, a world where people care just as much about a baby giraffe as they do about a baby hippo, but unfortunately that isn’t the reality that we’re living in. I would never call for a boycott of the zoo, but I will call for a boycott for this kind of thinking, where we value the life of one animal above another. Just because the giraffe may not be as cute as the hippo, that doesn’t mean its feelings are any less important. Treat the giraffe the way that you would want to be treated.


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