My Inheritance

I inherited some good qualities from dad’s side of the family; my love of reading, my sense of humor, and my passion for Alabama Crimson Tide football, but there is thing that I’ve inherited that is absolutely horrible, baldness. Now my dad isn’t completely bald, but he’s about halfway between my hair and the bald head of my grandfather. If you lined us up it would look like a progression chart of what is to come for me, and I’m not the least bit happy about it. I love my hair, and that may sound ridiculous because it’s really not all that great, but it is definitely what I like most about my physical appearance. It’s getting to the length now where multiple people have told me I need a haircut, including my wife who I can’t ever remember commenting on the length of my hair before. Today a customer at work who owns a salon gave me her number and told me to call her and she would cut my hair for free. Is it really so long that it’s considered to some a charitable service to alter the length of my hair?

I got a haircut last summer, a couple of months after I moved to Memphis because it got to be too hot for me, so I had someone cut most of it off. That’s been my pattern with haircuts most of my life, growing it out until it becomes unbearable than getting a buzz cut and starting the process all over again. In my adult life I average maybe two haircuts per year, but I’m really reluctant to get another one anytime soon, because there’s no guarantee that it will grow back. To be clear, I only like the way my hair looks for about an hour out of the day. My primetime is about thirty minutes after my shower until about an hour later when it dries completely and becomes obvious how thin my hair is, exposing a bald spot on the left side of my scalp when the wind shifts my hair ever so slightly, but I live for this hour and I’m not really ready to give it up.

The other part of my appearance that I like is when I can grow a beard, but given that I work in a bank and am expected to be clean shaven at work, my hair is the only thing I have. Don’t take this away from me. My thinking is that one day the inevitable will happen and I will be completely bald, so why not enjoy what I have right now, while the hair is still there to enjoy. My ideal situation would be one where I could grow out my hair as long as I please and have a nice full beard to go along with it, but unfortunately right now that’s not possible right now. Against the wishes of my wife and others I will put off the haircut for at least a little while longer, because in reality it may be the last one I ever get.


3 thoughts on “My Inheritance

  1. LOL. It’s funny how vain we are, especially about things over which we have little control. As for not getting a haircut, I think your bank management will make that decision FOR you. 😄



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