Training Day

IMG_3500Today I didn’t go to work. I guess technically I did, but it wasn’t the work that I’ve become used to going to over the past three months. I went to the same building of my first day working for the bank, for my second classroom training session. I thought it would be a nice change of pace, a welcome midweek break from the monotony of running transactions for eight hours a day, but after lunch, about the two o’clock mark, I realized how heavily I rely on my daily work to keep me awake through the afternoon hours until it’s time to go home. The instructor was great, but as she went around the room role playing different scenarios with all thirteen tellers in attendance, I came to appreciate the acting skills of portrayed in some of Adam Sandler’s more recent films, because some of these people were terrible. I found myself opening and closing the cap of the highlighter in front of me, just to have something to do so I wouldn’t fall asleep out of boredom, and I’m happy to announce, that my tactics worked and made it through the entire session without subjecting everyone else in the room to my snoring.

Training was a real eye opening experience for me today, not because of what I was taught, but because of what I observed. My first day at the branch of my bank I realized that out of the four tellers employed here, I was the only male. I figured that it was just a freak occurrence, that surely in other branches there were other members of my gender mixed more evenly throughout the banks in my city, but when I arrived to my class today, I was surprised to find that again, I was the only guy in the room. It’s not that it bothers me or anything, but I just found it a bit odd, because everywhere else I’ve worked, there has been a pretty even ration of males to females, but apparently that is not so in the banking world, at least not here in Memphis. After class today the instructor thanked me for being such a trooper, like it was a huge deal for me to function in a room full of females and not jump out the fourth story window, but it wasn’t all that bad, excluding the role playing skills of course, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the gender of a person. I told the instructor that I didn’t realize there were so few men tellers here and she told me that in the whole west Tennessee market of our bank, there were maybe only ten males doing my job. For the first time in my life I am in the minority, and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty exciting, with all the possibilities that are opened up to me due to this fact. Perhaps I’ll go back to college now and finish my degree, and on my application essay I can disclose that I’m a minority, which should without a doubt get me a massive scholarship. I’m one lucky man.


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