The Importance of Easter

With Easter coming up I thought it appropriate to write a blog about the importance of the holiday, just to make sure that nobody forgets the true meaning of what Sunday represents. When I was a kid, Easter was like the fourth best day of the year. Christmas was obviously first, and Thanksgiving was second, given that I was out of school surrounded by amazing food and football, my birthday was third, and Easter was fourth. I loved Easter because it was great waking up and and getting a basket full of treats, and the Friday before I got the day off school. Everyone seemed to overuse the joke, renaming it great Friday instead of good Friday because people were off work and school. After church we would have a big family meal and then an Easter egg hunt, each egg filled with additional chocolate than what the oversized bunny had delivered that morning. The only reason it didn’t rank higher on the list is because it did have the massive downfall of having to go to church, because if we’re being completely honest, there is really nothing as boring and painstaking for a kid than sitting through an hour long church service, and Easter meant that it would go on for even longer, but I kept my mind occupied with all of the chocolate that was to come later in the day, sitting on the wooden bench trying not to pass out from the sugar crash because of all the chocolate I’d already eaten.

Alright so now that I’ve gotten off track rambling about my childhood Easter’s, let me get back to the point. The importance of Easter is perfectly pictured in the story I told, because even as a kid, I had my mind focused on the right thing, chocolate. That’s right, the importance of Easter lies in the chocolate, but not just any chocolate, Easter chocolate. You can go to church multiple times a week, every week of the year, but do you realize how rare it is to find Easter candy? Sure the big stores start selling out the day after Valentine’s day, but you don’t buy it then. You scoff at Wal-Mart for putting the product for a holiday two months away on the shelves so early. You would never betray the spirit of Easter by getting a chocolate egg in February. You walked past the Easter candy, head held high, knowing that if you waited, you would be rewarded with all the chocolate you could eat on the fourth best day of the year.

It is a day when people of all races and beliefs come together in peace and collectively enjoy Reese’s peanut butter eggs. Sure the regular Reese’s cups are great, but the eggs are so much better, due to the much higher ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. Each bite you get like double the peanut butter, and for that, I am truly thankful. So as this holiday approaches, don’t forget what makes this day so special. Eat chocolate until you feel sick, because after Sunday you won’t be able to bite the head off of a bunny for another year. Happy Easter everyone!


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