The Essence of Kendall

I’m not big on acronyms or ice breakers, but my workday started out with both, an apparent team building exercise that I was not the least bit thrilled to participate in, but given that I was getting paid, there were definitely worse ways to spend the first fifteen minutes of my day. Me and my coworkers were each handed a piece of blank paper and told to write our name, then with each letter of our name, write a word starting with the letter that describes us, as a way of getting to know each other better I suppose. It started out easy enough for me with the letter “K.” Kendall is obviously the best choice since that is how I’ve been described for years. “E” took a little more thought, but then I remembered a word taught to me by a coworker a few weeks ago, meaning someone who is “over the top” in things that they do or say, and that word is “extra”, so I wrote that next the “Kendall.”

Out of all the letters in my name, “N” is the one that was easiest for me to come up with a word to describe me, so beside “extra” I wrote “negative.” I could’ve been like some of the other people I work with, using this exercise to brag, like multiple people who put “awesome” for the letter “A”, but I pride myself on keeping things real, and not trying to be someone that I’m not, and the truth is, I see a lot of things on a daily basis in a negative way. Even my blood type is B-negative, which I take to be encouragement for how to live. The “D” in my name was harder to figure out, so I decided to skip it and come back to it at the end, which I completely forgot to do. That among other reasons is why I’m a terrible Scattergories partner, because once I skip one, I generally forget about going back to it.

I thought about “A” for a while. There’s a certain curse word that I’m sure many people who have met me would refer to me by, but I didn’t think that to be an appropriate answer for a team building activity, so I took the easy way out and wrote “alive.” I may have received some teasing for using such a fundamentally easy cop out answer, but at least I didn’t put “awesome”, and also is there really anything more true about who I am than to say that I’m alive? If I weren’t alive I wouldn’t be playing the game right now would I? Just to hammer my point home, to really show how important I felt being alive was to who I am, I used the first “L” of my name to write “living.” I really had trouble thinking of words that started with “L”, so with time running out I wrote my first lie of the day for the final letter in my first name, “Left-handed.” I have always been right handed in everything that I do, writing, eating, throwing a ball, but with no “R” in my name and no time to spare I had to throw a hail Mary and hope that nobody called me out on the lie, and nobody did. Now each of our paper’s is hanging up on the wall for us to look at every day, but luckily their not in a place where customers can read them. I’m already getting enough judgement from my coworkers.


2 thoughts on “The Essence of Kendall

  1. Seriously? I can’t believe a bank would resort to such a silly endeavor. It sounds like something a student might have as an assignment in 3rd or 4th grade. LOL



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