Cheese Fries and a Stray Dog


Unless you’re lactose intolerant, why wouldn’t you order french fries topped with cheese? That’s what I was thinking as my wife and I shared some cheese fries topped with bacon at lunch today. We were at Huey’s, a restaurant here in Memphis that is known for it’s great burgers, but the fries are an afterthought, tasteless thick cut steak fries that I generally leave on my plate when the meal is done. I’ve previously written a blog about Huey’s and how much I dislike their fries, but cheese and bacon seem to be the cure-all because we finished the entire plate. It’s a good thing we went for a walk this morning because after our lunch of burgers, which were delicious, as always, and cheese fries, I wanted to do nothing but come home and take a nap, which I did. I’m pretty good at being an adult. This morning, before I went into a food coma, my wife and I went to Overton Park to enjoy the nice cool weather on this cloudy Sunday morning. She was supposed to work, but due to the weather got the day off, so into the woods we went.

It has rained the past couple of days here, and my wife was a little reluctant about leaving the paved trail for the more remote one that wound through the Overton forest, but I persuaded her with the allure of adventure, so we left the joggers and dog walkers to live their boring lives on the sidewalk and took the path less traveled into the dense woods. There was a black bear spotted in Memphis a couple of days ago, a thought that popped into my mind once we were too far into the woods to turn back, but luckily the only wildlife we saw on the trail were a few squirrels and some birds, nothing that could kill me with the single swipe of it’s paw. We came to a point in the woods where the path split off in three directions and we had a decision to make. We could continue straight ahead or we could go left or right on what appeared to be much muddier terrain. We kept walking straight but changed our minds immediately as a large dog without a leash and no owner in sight came bounding towards us from the opposite direction. I feel like everywhere I go I have large dogs running towards me, so much so I might think that I’m imagining them, but my wife was with me this time to witness the phenomena and was no more eager than I to continue towards it, so we quickly turned around and went down the left path, our shoes splattering mud with each step we took. All in all it was a good walk. There’s something that I truly enjoy about being in the woods with no idea of where I am in relation to anything else, turning at whim, walking through the trees, and hoping I don’t come face to face with a black bear as I round the next corner. If you’re in Memphis and haven’t been walking in Overton Park lately, I would highly recommend doing so, if for nothing else than to muddy your shoes up a bit.



One thought on “Cheese Fries and a Stray Dog

  1. I think you have a phobia about dogs. And you know what? The dogs KNOW it. Plus, they have a keen sense of smell and the odor of cheese fries was wafting in the air.



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