Movie Review: The Circle

IMG_3551If you only have twenty-four hours left to live and you want to see one more movie here on this earth, I would highly recommend going to see “The Circle”…if you would like to die a very disappointed person. I considered typing this movie review all in emojis so I could give it the appropriate amount of thumbs down and poop symbols that it deserves. First words are pretty monumental in a person’s life, and upon the movie finishing, my first words were “that was terrible.” That’s really all you need to know about “The Circle” but if you want to continue reading I’ll gladly tell you all about its awfulness. The book by Dave Eggers was one that I really enjoyed, and when I saw the preview for the movie I thought it looked absolutely incredible. I love Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, and they were as good as they could be in such a terrible movie, and even Patton Oswalt played his role well, but some of the other actors cast were absolute train wrecks. The actor who played Mercer (I could easily look up his name, but don’t want to put any extra effort into finding out who this horrible actor is) was painful to watch. Each scene he was in, it felt like he was in the audition reading the lines for the first time, awkwardly stumbling through the dialogue like someone who shouldn’t have been in a high school play, let alone a major motion picture. The one upside about this horribly portrayed character is that (spoiler alert) he eventually dies by driving his truck off a bridge. To be honest if I was such a bad actor, I would probably consider doing the same thing.

There wasn’t much flow to the movie at all and it seemed like it was just a bunch of scenes pieced together in a poor effort to form a movie. “The Circle” had so much potential to be an edge of your seat type of thriller, but the only thrill I got was when the movie ended and I was no longer subjected to this massive waste of time. I literally sat through the movie hoping with every fiber of my being that it would end soon. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt this way because as soon as the opening credits started to roll, the theater emptied before the lights even came up. I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible and was the last person to leave the theater. I haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast yet, but I hope for the sake of Emma Watson it was a much better movie than this one so she can continue to get starring roles, because she really is a good actress. The director really screwed over the respected actors who were in this movie by making it so terrible. I don’t know his name, but I should probably find that out so I don’t make the mistake of seeing another of his movies. On a scale of 1 to 5 I give “The Circle” a 1. Don’t go see the movie…that is unless of course you enjoy torturing yourself.


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