Searching for my Wife

Saturday morning I went to the zoo. I knew I wanted to do something outside since it was a beautiful sunny day, but my decision to go to the zoo wasn’t made until I saw my wife’s phone lying on the counter. I occasionally do nice things for other people, not often enough so they get used to it and come to expect it, but every once in a while, I try to help out others. Taking my wife’s phone to her at work would make her happy, because she often gets bored and relies on her phone to make the time pass more quickly in the ticket window at the zoo, and I would still get to enjoy the weather, so it was a win-win situation. When I arrived at the zoo, the lines to get in were pretty long, so I picked the shortest one, window five, and when it was my turn to step up to the window I asked the person working if they knew where Leticia was working that day. She craned her neck to see the person in the window across from her back, to no avail, and told me that she was either in window six or at the other entrance at the other side of the zoo. I walked to the other window and saw that my wife was in fact, not the person sitting on the other side of the glass so I asked this person how to get to the other entrance, one I’ve never used before as they only occasionally open it when the zoo gets really busy on the weekends. “That’s going to be tricky” she said, not really what I wanted to hear.

“At the cafe, stay left on the path and there will be a giant lego spider to let you know that you’re headed in the right direction. Go past the pelicans and keep walking until you see a wooden gate that should be opened. Go through the gate and that is where the ticket booth is located.” I thanked her and began my journey, left at the cafe, but I couldn’t find the lego spider anywhere. I eventually passed the pelicans and saw the wooden gate that was cracked open, and a sign hanging from it that said “Employees only” and walked through to the ticket booth. It didn’t appear that anyone was in there but I walked up to the window, just to make sure. The window was boarded up, and there should be clear footage of me on a security camera, knocking on the window just to make sure nobody was inside. My knock went unanswered. I walked back through the gate and saw an employee coming towards me on a golf cart, so I flagged her down and asked if she could use her walkie-talkie to find out the whereabouts of my wife. She said that since she wasn’t sure if my wife had a radio, she couldn’t try to call her, which seemed odd, but I thanked her for her time and continued walking in the other direction.

I followed the path past the Komodo dragons and the snake house, staying along the fence, hoping to come across another entrance where I might find my wife. When I reached the pandas and realized that no such entrance existed, I turned around and made my way back towards the main entrance of the zoo, ready to begin the process again. I couldn’t get back to the ticket window without exiting the zoo so I did, but this time stood in line for gate two, and asked that employee if she knew where I could find my wife. She craned her neck and pointed her out to me, working in the office behind gate one, so I got in that line and was able to get my wife’s attention, and was finally able to give her the phone. She was grateful, but after nearly an hour of looking for her, it didn’t seem worth the hassle. I kissed her goodbye and told her to have a nice day. “You aren’t staying to go to the zoo?” she asked me. I told her I’d already seen enough of the zoo for one day, so I went home and spent the rest of my day watching TV and doing absolutely nothing, as any good Saturday should be spent.


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