Best Burger I’ve Ever Had

IMG_3582Today was a beautiful Saturday, one that would’ve been perfect to spend outside in the May sunshine, and that is exactly what I planned to do. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of going to lunch before my planned walk across the Mississippi River, and by the conclusion of the meal I was so full of good food, I couldn’t summon the energy or willpower to do anything but go home and take a nap. Yes, it’s been a pretty good day. I went to lunch with my dad and my mimi, who he was taking out for a pre-mother’s day meal, and apparently wasn’t the only one who’d decided on this strategy in hopes of beating the crowds because when we arrived at Houston’s, my mim’s favorite restaurant, we had a twenty minute wait and it was only 11:15. If you’ve ever been to Houston’s, which by the way is one of my favorite restaurants in Memphis, you would know that absolutely no thought was given to whether or not we would stay there or seek out another place to eat where we could be seated at our table immediately. We gladly sat on the bench by the door, and waited for that glorious moment when our name was called.

When we sat down we were each handed a menu, not that I needed one, because I knew exactly what I’d be eating when Houston’s was chosen as our lunch destination, the Hickory Burger. For all the food reviews I’ve written about Memphis restaurants and my search for the best burger in town, the Hickory Burger at Houston’s has always been at the top of my list, waiting to be dethroned, an feat that I’m convinced is less and less likely to happen each time I eat that delicious burger. It is a thick beef patty, topped with bacon and a hickory barbecue sauce on one bun, and a mountain of shredded cheddar cheese on the other, and I’m convinced there is no greater moment in the history of time than when you press those two buns together to form the tastiest burger I’ve ever had. There is so much cheese that a good portion of it spills off onto the plate as you put the bun on top, giving you the opportunity to pick some up with each french fry you eat, creating heaven in your mouth.

The fries may be some of my favorite in town; they’re thinly cut and salted appropriately, but it’s hard to truly appreciate them because the burger really steals the show. Of all the burger places I’ve eaten at in Memphis, Houston’s not only has the best burger, but also the best fries, but most of the time it’s impossible to finish them because the Hickory Burger is just so filling. I’m sure that Houston’s has many other great dishes to offer, and I would love to try them all, but it’s just so hard to stray from something that is a home run every single time. If you live in Memphis and you haven’t tried the Hickory Burger, you’re missing out. At sixteen dollars it’s a little bit pricier than some of the others in town, but I guarantee you it’s worth every penny. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 10 based on the burger alone, not that the service is anything short of fantastic. Why are you still reading this? Go to Houston’s right now!


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