The Never Ending Game

My wife and I have been playing a game for years now, that we are probably not likely to ever finish. A few years ago, for christmas, she gave me Trivial Pursuit, which was an awesome gift and I was thrilled to have gotten it. I imagined myself to be an intelligent person, one who would enjoy the intellectual challenges of the game, and overcoming them by thinking back to something I might have picked up in school or on the nature channel, but the reality hit me hard in the face, that christmas afternoon when we played for the first time. She bought me the genius edition. She really thought a lot of me back then. My wife likes board games to an extent, but the one’s that tend to drag on for hours like Monopoly or Risk, a couple of my favorites, she’s not to keen to play, and after well over an hour of us missing question after question, neither of us any closer to winning, she was ready to pull the plug on Trivial Pursuit, and quite frankly, so was I.

We’ve played on several other occasions, when I think it might be fun to stimulate ourselves intellectually, forgetting just how difficult the questions were, but never finished a game. We’ve always called it quits well before our tokens were filled with the six colorful wedges and a winner was declared, but last night, having gone months without pulling the game out of the closet, I fell into the trap and suggested we play, and surprisingly she agreed. We played for nearly two hours and had each collected five of the six wedges necessary to win, and I thought that maybe we would finally finish the game, so we played on. The only wedge both of us needed was the pink one, entertainment, so we continued, each of us hovering around the same spot on the board, desperate to land on the pink space and get the question right. We both had ample opportunities to win the game, but we missed the question every time we got the chance. My wife thought she’d won, when given the question about who played the main character in “The Parent Trap.” She excitedly answered Lindsay Lohan, the smile of victory already on her face. This was a good answer because it was in fact Lohan who played the main character, unfortunately for my wife, this version of Trivial Pursuit came out long before Disney remade the movie with Lindsay and the answer printed on the card was an actress neither of us had ever heard of, who starred in the original. We kept the board on the table and maybe we’ll try to finish the game tonight, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that we will come up shorthanded once again. I was so excited when I got Trivial Pursuit, thinking I would be able to show off my breadth of knowledge, but all that the game has really done, is expose how little I actually know.


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