Selling my Playstation 4

In February I got a Playstation 4, and I was ecstatic. That was only three months ago, but now I think I’m going to sell it. I wrote a blog post when I got it, so I think it’s only fair to send it out the same way. For the last year or so I’ve wanted a playstation so bad, I got rid of my xbox that wasn’t fun anymore and I fantasized about the day when I would finally get a playstation, and don’t get me wrong, I loved it for a couple of weeks, but now it’s just sitting in my living room collecting dust, being used as the most expensive DVD player I’ve ever owned. In my adult life, that’s the way it’s been for me with video games. In my head I see myself playing for hours on end, becoming a zombie on the weekends not leaving the house or changing out of my pajamas, just sitting on the couch having so much fun playing the game that time imperceptibly flies by and I’m left wondering where the weekend went, but the reality is far different. I wake up with the intention of wasting my day, but I lose interest after about half an hour, checking the clock in disbelief at how little time has past.

Even growing up I wasn’t the sort of person who had my parents scold me for playing video games too much. I played them, but after a while it just got old, the only exception to the rule being my Tony Hawk game on Nintendo 64, but that game is long gone, along with my interest in video games. I want to be the type of person who loves video games, the kind of person who after making the initial purchase is rewarded with countless hours of fun, but that’s just not me, no matter how much I want it to be, so I decided that it would be in my best interest to sell the playstation and spend the money on something that I would actually enjoy, what that is, I have no idea. I’m not even sure how much I can get for selling the console. I spent over three hundred dollars on it, but when I asked somebody at Gamestop how much they would pay for it, they only offered $104, which is insultingly low in my opinion, not that I have a great sense of the video game industry and what my used playstation is worth.

I’ll probably put it for sale on Craigslist and hope that I don’t get murdered when I go to make the sale. If your or anyone you know wants a playstation 4, feel free to make me an offer. It’s in great condition, and has barely been used in the three months that I’ve had it. I’ll sell it with the latest Call of Duty game, and am willing to pay for shipping to you if the price is right. In all of this I have learned a very important lesson, don’t buy something just because I want to be the type of person who owns it. You can’t change who you are or what interests you, so forcing yourself to try to become something that you’re not is a waste of time and money. Hopefully I’ll remember that the next time I want to make a big purchase.


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