Memorial Day: Brothers Visiting and the Search for Food

IMG_3619Today being Memorial Day, I didn’t have to work, so my brothers came up from Arkansas to spend the day with me. They arrived shortly after ten and met me at Overton Park, where we left the cars and walked to the zoo. We passed a Veterans Park, filled with plaques honoring those from Shelby County who died serving the United States of America, and although it was just a coincidence that we passed by, it was fitting that we did so on today of all days, and I am truly thankful for the men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice to allow me to live a life of freedom. We went to the zoo, where the power was still out from yesterday, and walked around for a couple of hours trying to see animals through the crowds of people who had arrived before us, then we left and went to go eat lunch.

We agreed on Moe’s, to get a burrito so we set off from the zoo and arrived in the desolate parking lot of Moe’s about fifteen minutes later. It was closed, so we decided to go to the mall and eat something in the food court, and a few minutes later we arrived, to find that the mall too, was closed. Next on the list was the Sear Shack, a pretty good burger place here in Memphis, but luck still evaded us as we pulled up to the restaurant and saw the lights off inside and chairs stacked on top of the tables. 0 for 3. We drove around a little while longer trying to decide what to try next, and we reluctantly agreed on Chipotle, because Logan was still in the mood for a burrito after deciding we wanted Moe’s earlier. Unfortunately, when we arrived at Chipotle, we found that they were open, so we ate there, and it was very disappointing.

I know that I’m in the minority as someone who thinks Chipotle just isn’t that good and is overrated. I expect a lot of you reading this right now love this place and consider it the highest form of blasphemy to speak against it, but I honestly don’t know what’s so great about Chipotle and why people are so crazy about it. I got a chicken burrito with beans, salsa, cheese and sour cream, not that it really mattered what I had them put in the burrito because as soon as I took a bite everything started falling out into the basket. If I’m going to eat at a place that is known for burritos, it would be nice if they knew how to wrap it well enough so that all of the ingredients didn’t fall out. As I ate, I thought about Bo Burnham’s closing rant from his latest comedy special, “Make Happy”. “Wouldn’t have got the lettuce if I knew it wouldn’t fit. Wouldn’t have got the cheese if I knew it wouldn’t fit.” When eating chicken wings and ribs, there is an expectation that it will be messy and you will probably get some of it on your face, but burritos do not fall into this category, however by the time I finished mine today, I’d gone through a stack of napkins. All in all it was great to have my brothers in town for the day and we had a lot of fun, but none of us were happy with the choice to eat Chipotle for lunch.


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