The Unexpected Package

I’m not exactly sure at what time my night was disturbed by two quick rings of the doorbell and incessant pounding, a frantic fist knocking on the door of my apartment, but it was dark outside, and now that June is hear and the sun doesn’t set until after eight o’clock, I do know that it was too late for an unexpected and unannounced visitor. The dogs barked their warning cries, not that two chihuahuas would offer up much protection should the person knocking at the door intend to do my any harm. I looked through the peephole and there standing before me was a UPS man, and cautious to the fact that perhaps this man was just wearing a disguise to catch me off guard and barge into the house, I opened the door just a crack. I wasn’t expecting any packages but once he showed me the electronic pad on which to sign, which surely nobody but a certified delivery man could have, I took the package inside, excited and mystified by the contents within. At this point in my life I rarely receive any package that I don’t already know what it is, so my mind raced, thinking about all of the exciting possibilities, but when I tore open the box with in my immature manner, ripping at the sides, making sure that the box would not be reusable, I was very disappointed at what I found.

It was a Comcast satellite receiver, and as someone who doesn’t have satellite TV, I was confused at why it was being sent to me. Apparently someone had called my wife a few days prior and offered her an upgrade to our internet, promising faster speeds at no additional cost, which she was onboard with. Unfortunately she missed the part where they told her we would have to pay for their television services in order to receive this upgrade, hence the satellite receiver sitting on my dining room table. Between the two of us, I’m the much more likely candidate to agree to something without fully grasping all of the details, which leads me to believe that the Comcast employee who called my wife was very conniving and misleading in order to get us to sign up for tv service. When my wife realized what had happened, she immediately went on the Comcast website and cancelled the service that she wasn’t aware she’d signed us up for in the first place, but unfortunately, that was not the end of it.

Since then Comcast has been calling her daily, presumably trying to trick us into once again signing up for the satellite package that we are not interested in. I don’t know whether or not Comcast employees read once they leave work, or if they spend their evenings in the lair, plotting up new ways to take advantage of people, but I really hope that someone from Comcast stumbles across this blog, because I want to make it perfectly clear, that I do not want their satellite service. Out of all the TV providers available in our area, Comcast is near the bottom of my list for companies I would pay for TV. I’m not getting Comcast no matter how many phone calls they make to my wife or myself. Take that for data.


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