Trapped in the Drive Thru: BBQ Edition

IMG_3635Last night I was craving barbecue, and once a craving hits it’s irresponsible not to indulge in it, so I began thinking about what exactly I wanted to eat, and where to order it from. I haven’t had ribs in a while, in fact I’m not even sure that I’ve had ribs this year, which is complete blasphemy and entirely unacceptable, so that is what I was going to eat. My mouth was already watering. I really like Corky’s dry rub barbecue ribs, so I asked Siri to find me the phone number for the location nearest me, and after several failed attempts, the idiot inside my phone found the information I was looking for and asked me if I wanted her to dial it, which is pretty absurd to me. Why on earth would anyone ask for a phone number if they had no intention of calling it? Are there people out there that look up random phone numbers for fun? I called her an idiot and hit the call button myself, tired of her antics for the day.

After seven rings and no answer, it was becoming pretty apparent that I wasn’t going to be calling in my order to Corky’s, and had to decide whether to show up and order there, which held the potential for a long wait situation, or go somewhere else for dinner. I went with the latter. I don’t love Tops, a barbecue restaurant here in town, but it’s decent, and even better is the fact that it’s just right down the street from where I live, so I went there, all intentions of eating ribs for dinner diminished. I’ve had the ribs from Tops once and they were very disappointing, so as I pulled into the parking lot I decide I would get the barbecue nachos, something I’d seen advertised on the sign for a while but had not yet tried. At this point it had started to rain so rather than go in, I opted for the simpler option of drive-thru ordering, and took my place in line behind a few other cars, a mistake I quickly came to regret.

I’ve had to wait in line in the drive thru at barbecue joints before, but last night took so much longer than I could have ever anticipated. I was in line for so long that I legitimately thought I might run out of gas. Why not leave the line and just go inside to order the food? That’s an excellent question, one I thought of myself right before another car pulled up behind me, trapping me in the drive thru. In the midst of my predicament I came up with a solution to solve the barbecue drive thru waiting crises that is plaguing the nation; call ahead and place the order and use the drive thru for pick up only. If you arrive before your food is ready you have to drive around and get back in line, eliminating the long waits while other people wait for their party platters to be ready. Once all was said in done I’d waited in line for over half an hour before pulling away from Tops with my barbecue nachos, that smelled delicious on the short ride home. I was prepared for the worst, thinking that the nachos would disappoint me because my night just seemed to be full of unpleasant situations, but I’m pleased to say, that they were absolutely delicious. From the pulled pork to the cheese sauce, everything tasted great and was still piping hot when I ate it at home, almost forty-five minutes after ordering. I still prefer Central BBQ for barbecue nachos, but it’s nice to know I have a place so close to my apartment that has an adequate substitute should the craving hit me unexpectedly in the future.



One thought on “Trapped in the Drive Thru: BBQ Edition

  1. I agree that Tops isn’t as good as Corky’s (I haven’t eaten at Central much) but it’s not bad and a bit cheaper. Now I’m getting hungry for BBQ


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