My Wedding Night

IMG_3270People say that your wedding night is unforgettable, and mine was no exception. After we got married and went out to dinner with our families, my new wife and I hit the road for our honeymoon, our destination being Orange Beach, Alabama, where we would spend a week in a beachfront condo, enjoying our new lives as a married couple, so obviously we were very excited to get there. Our wedding was on a Friday evening, and after dinner, we got on the road a little bit after eight, planning to drive as far as we could that night before exhaustion took over. On the south Florida interstate we rolled down the windows, the night air exhilarating us as we began our journey. I hung my arm out the window, but only for a couple of minutes, then I thought better of it, fearing my new wedding ring might slide off my finger and be lost forever, which probably isn’t the ideal way to start a marriage.

We stopped at the first rest stop we came to, and went our separate ways to change out of our wedding clothes, my wife still in her white dress and me in my suit. Before long we were back on the road with our whole lives ahead of us. We drove and drove and before we’d gotten too far we were both exhausted and ready to quit driving for the night, so we pulled off at the nearest exit to check into a hotel. The first hotel we went to was completely full, as were the other few in whatever town we were in. We kept driving, stopping at most exits hoping for an empty room, but there were none to be had, so we decided to look online, and book the closest available room, which was in Jacksonville, about an hour and a half further. I somehow managed to not fall asleep at the wheel, playing twenty questions until I couldn’t bring myself to think of anything more to ask, much less guess at whatever object my wife was thinking of. It was a struggle but we finally made it to Jacksonville and pulled off at the exit to our hotel.

Despite having eaten a few hours ago, my wife and I were both very hungry, perhaps from the exhaustion, and luckily there was a Krystal right by our hotel, which I was pretty excited about having not had one of the little square hamburgers in years, so we hit the drive thru and went to the hotel, where we sat on the sofa, eating the greasy burgers and watching late night television. It may not have been the most romantic wedding night in the history of the world, but it was a night full of memories that my wife and I can look back on now with fondness and laugh at the absurdity of it all. It was an unforgettable night and I wouldn’t trade those first memories we shared together as a married couple for anything.


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