Last Day of Vacation: Beach Fun, Mexican Food & the Weird Waiter

IMG_3859Today was the last day of our beach vacation, so forgive me if I’m not my typically cheery self tonight. I slept in today, didn’t wake up until 7:20 and then went down with the rest of my family to the beach. I had my wife spray me down with sunscreen, and to give you an idea of how paranoid I am of getting sunburns, and how much I don’t want that to happen, we used up the entire can solely on me, on only two separate occasions. I probably didn’t need it today though, because there were six of us at the beach and only five chairs, so instead of sitting on the shore, baking in the sun, I opted to head into the water where I splashed around, trying to keep my balance, and having innocent childlike fun for the better part of an hour. I would have stayed in longer but some dark clouds appeared out of nowhere and I figured I’d already been fortunate enough to avoid a shark attack, and wasn’t to eager to press my luck against getting struck by lightning in a thunderstorm, so we went back up to the house and got ready to go for lunch.

Leticia and I decided to get Mexican food for lunch, because Mexican food is the right choice anytime it is made, and I will argue anyone who tries to tell me differently. We saw a place, Sol Y Mar, at the Wharf in Orange Beach the other day that was fairly new and we hadn’t eaten at before, so we decided to go there. We walked through the doors and were immediately taken to our table by a mustachioed hispanic man who clapped in time with the music, all the way to our seats. I immediately regretted our decision to come here and upon looking at the menu which wasn’t all that impressive, I was ready to throw in the towel and go somewhere else, but my hunger won out and we decided to stay. The same man returned to the table, this time singing the song that was playing throughout the restaurant and asked what we wanted to drink. I asked for unsweet tea, and he said “we don’t have unsweet tea, just tea without sugar” so I told him I’d take that and he stared at me for a couple of seconds before walking away. I asked my wife if it would be rude to ask for another waiter or waitress because this guy was really bugging me, but she, the voice of reason, told me it would be okay, so I didn’t say anything. While we waited for our food, I noticed a bottle of ketchup sitting on the table, at a Mexican restaurant. There was no hot sauce or any other condiment in sight, and I took this to be a bad sign.

Our food came and we didn’t see the waiter again, which was a good and bad thing, until well after we’d finished the meal. On the one hand we didn’t have to put up with his strange and awkward behavior that included making dumb jokes and singing along to every song that was playing, but it would have been nice to get a refill on the chips and our drinks, which remained empty for too much of the meal. I got the chicken chimichanga lunch special, which came with rice and beans. To be honest, the chimichanga looked pretty pathetic in comparison to those I’ve had in the past, looking very similar to a crepe in its thinness. The beans and rice were both really good, and despite the way that it looked, the chimichanga was fantastic. The food was really good but I’m not sure if it’s worth putting up with the waiter that we had. My recommendation would be either calling in a to-go order or going to another restaurant altogether, because there are few things worse than being uncomfortable while out at a restaurant.



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