For nearly a year I’ve been writing a blog every day, and then sharing it multiple times each day on various social media platforms, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending more and more time on social media, trying to constantly figure out how to drive more people to my website. I’ve gained a lot of followers and my blog in recent months has increased in viewership by a pretty substantial margin, but I feel that I’ve lost sight of why I decided to write daily in the first place, so as of today, right now, I’m completely disconnected. I’m sure if I were to seek the advice of most anyone on the subject, they would all tell me that I need to maintain a strong presence on social media, to keep people clicking on my links, but it has become a depressing and monotonous routine that I no longer want to worry about. I’ve spent too much of my time thinking about what to write in order to get more readers, instead of focusing on what I actually want to write, but hopefully these changes will allow me to go back to actually enjoying what I’m doing instead of just worrying about how many times a certain blog post got read.

I’ll continue to write every day, but once I hit the publish button on WordPress, that is where it will end. There is no doubt in my mind that my views will take a substantial hit due to my lack of sharing, but that’s not really of much importance. For the time being, I’m not even going to look at how much traffic comes to my blog each day, because in the big scheme of things, that doesn’t matter at all. I want to write for me, not for anybody else, which is what I’ve been doing for far too long. I have bigger goals beyond having a popular blog. I want to write books, and I feel that social media has become an unwelcome distraction in hindering my progress and taking my focus away from the ultimate goal. I want to read more books, so I’m planning on using this period of disconnect to do that. I’m not sure for how long I will be off the grid of social media, perhaps it will be permanent, but this is what’s necessary for me to refocus on my writing, which is really the most important thing for me.

Over the past few days I’ve been questioning my motives for doing things, whether I’m doing them because it’s something I want to do, or if instead I’m only doing them to have something to write about, and unfortunately, I think my intentions have fallen into the latter category more often than not. It’s time I got back to writing because it makes me happy and it’s something that I enjoy doing, instead of letting my happiness depend on how many people read the things that I write. In life I feel like we’re all just trying to find happiness, so this is my attempt to find joy in the simplicity of putting words on paper. I’m officially disconnected, and it feels great.


2 thoughts on “Disconnect

  1. You may not see this since you’re disconnected now, but I think you’re wise to assess what you’re doing and make adjustments to better align with your goals. Good luck in your book writing endeavors!

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