My Disgusting Breakfast

Today I left the house early for work after having woken up a few minutes before my alarm was set to go off, and not wanting to go back to sleep for less than fifteen minutes, I went ahead and started my routine of making myself presentable to enter the public world by showering and shaving. If I were a bird I would’ve gotten all the worms today. I packed my lunch and walked out the door, intending to arrive at work a few minutes early and continue the book I’m reading, but when I got to the car I realized that I hadn’t grabbed anything for breakfast on the way out, so I was faced with two options. Either I could go back up the stairs to my apartment and make some apple cinnamon oatmeal or grab a bag of trail mix, which I’d had for breakfast on the fourth of July and could have possibly been the culprit that made me sick the following day, or I could stop somewhere on the way to work and get a high calorie, greasy breakfast sandwich. A few dollars seemed a fair trade for having to walk up the stairs, so I pulled out of the parking lot and headed for the nearest fast food establishment, Backyard Burgers.

For the record I would have preferred most anything else for breakfast, a Mcgriddle from McDonalds, a Chicken Biscuit from Chik-fil-A, or a Steak Biscuit from Hardee’s, but although I was ahead of schedule, these places seemed to out of the way and might risk me showing up to work late, so I chose the less desirable Backyard Burgers, a place I’d only gotten breakfast at once. I looked at the menu and very few things looked appealing, but the Ultimate Griller looked interesting, a sandwich with sausage and bacon and two eggs, so I ordered that, paid for it and got back on the road towards the workplace. If you’ve never had Backyard Burgers for breakfast, I wouldn’t recommend it. Rather than a traditional biscuit, the sandwich was between two hamburger buns, probably a smart decision on their part in an effort to save costs, but nonetheless very anticlimactic. I think I speak for most people in saying that nobody wants too much bread on a sandwich, but this is precisely what the Ultimate Griller had.

The sausage, bacon, and cheese were all good, but the eggs were really gross, almost a rubber consistency, and after the first two bites I pulled them off the sandwich at the next stop sign. I arrived to work on time with a full stomach that was already starting to gurgle, but I went inside and labored through the pain until it was properly digested and I could forget about it once and for all. For all the bad things about the sandwich, it did have the benefit of keeping me full until my lunch hour arrived which is always a good thing, but next time I think I’ll head back up the stairs for some oatmeal so i never have to eat Backyard Burgers for breakfast again.


One thought on “My Disgusting Breakfast

  1. My hubs and I used to really like Backyard Burgers. They have definitely lost their charm for us. Food from our closest location (Park Ave.) is almost always stale and greasy. Hard to find a really good burger these days; just an old fashioned cheeseburger, nothing fancy, would be so nice!


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