A Day in the Life of Mocha

IMG_0880Mocha wakes up and it’s still dark outside. There are crashes coming every couple of minutes. She doesn’t like the booms, but they are a necessary ingredient in thunderstorms, although she’s just a dog and doesn’t know the complexities of the weather. She lets out a little squeak, her signature pre-bark move, and uncontrolled lets out a sound more like a yelp than a traditional dog bark, but this is the way she speaks, and that will probably never change. She’s crying out in fear, unsure what is happening, and pretty soon the voice of the girl speaks out to her. “It’s okay Mocha, it’s okay.” The voice calms her slightly and the barking stops, although her body continues to shake. She eventually goes back to sleep and is awakened again when the room is filled with light and the girl is moving about the room, getting ready to start the day. Mocha runs to the door and waits, and shortly thereafter is led out the door, attached to the leash with her father, who runs ahead of her, forcing her to move faster, disrupting the leisurely pace she would prefer to start the day.

She walks down the stairs and as soon as her little paws hits the grass, she squats down to use the bathroom, locking eyes with the girl, searching for any signs that danger is around, but the girls eyes don’t waver or flicker showing any distress, so at least for now, she feels safe. She walks around for a little while until her father decides to relieve himself, and then goes back up the stairs to the apartment where she will spend the day. Mocha’s day is a lazy one, spent alternating between lying on her pillow and in the laundry basket on the freshly washed clothes. The humans don’t like when she lies on the clothes, but they are at work, and this is her small act of rebellion, one that gives her a little pleasure. She doesn’t do much while the humans are gone, save for moving from one comfortable spot to the next and back again, except occasionally when she goes over to the food bowl to munch on some of the beef flavored food. She prefers human food, but there is nobody there to toss it to her, so she is content with what she has.

After what seems like years, the girl returns home from work and Mocha is excited to see her, jumping up with her two front paws on the girls leg, her tongue licking everything that it can reach, at lightning fast speed. The rest of the night is spent with the girl, cuddling up against her on the couch. This is Mocha’s happy place. Occasionally she follows the boy around and gives him some attention, but the love she has for the girl just can’t be replicated with the boy, as much as he wants her affection. She goes outside a couple more times to go to the bathroom, and the night passes by more quickly than the day, which means it’s time for bed before she’s ready. She lays on her pillow and eats a treat for being a good girl and getting into bed, and eventually goes to sleep, a happy dog.


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