Happy Birthday Mom!

IMG_3881It’s Bastille day in France, so I was thinking about dedicating this blog to talking about one of my vacations in Paris, in honor of their independence day, but that is not the most important event that happened on this day, so I would rather talk about that. On July 14th, a few years back, Tammy Kathleen Laird was born, and she just happens to be my mom, so I guess you could say that if that never happened, then I never would have been born and we all know, or at least I do, just how tragic that would be. My mom is one of my favorite people in the world, and along with my dad, grandparents, and Tony Romo, is someone I consider to be one of my heroes. So now, if you would please indulge me, I would like to share some stories about one of the greatest women I know.

I was nine or ten years old and it was summer. I was playing baseball, and had just been moved to the catcher position, one I was nervous about playing as I’d never done so before. After almost every pitch I would look over in the stands at my mom. I was doing it so much that the coach yelled at me, and the woman sitting next to her asked if she was my mom and she told her yes, while giving me a thumbs up, displaying the overabundance of encouragement that she’s given to me over the years, something I still rely on when I’m having trouble with something. She came to all my football games while I was on the team, despite the fact that once I reached seventh grade, I rarely got into the games at all, just being there to support me.

When I was twenty and in college, I did something really stupid that got me kicked out of school, and the day I had to call and tell her was probably the most nervous I’d ever been, afraid she would be angry and disappointed with me, and she was, but she never stopped loving me, welcoming me back home with open arms and even helping me to find a job. It wasn’t an easy job and I absolutely hated it, but that experience has made me appreciate all of the jobs I’ve had since then, and has given me a better work ethic to take with me throughout the rest of my life.

I could write for days sharing stories like these, about all of the ways over the years that she has supported me and helped me out, her encouragement never wavering as I inevitably made numerous mistakes throughout my life. That is just the kind of person that my mom is, and I truly feel lucky to have been given the person I consider to be the greatest mother in the world. I called her today to wish her a happy birthday and she told me that she was having a milkshake for dinner, a treat on this special day, and I couldn’t help but thinking, she deserves milkshakes for every meal of every day. Happy birthday mom, I’m so lucky to have you.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. Nice tribute to your mom! Of course I noticed that you accidently forgot to include how your uncle’s are also your heros – at least one of them :).


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