The Movie

There’s this new movie out, maybe you’ve heard about it, called Black Panther. It’s the movie that everybody’s talking about, the one that’s killing it at the box office, and I went to go see it today, or more accurately, I went to the theater where it was playing. It wasn’t a spur of the moment thing, no I made plans to go yesterday, and even checked online to make sure that unlike last week, it wasn’t sold out, and yesterday it wasn’t. I could have gone ahead and bought the tickets online like a responsible movie goer, but the showing we were going to was in the IMAX theater, which is like double the price of a regular movie ticket, and when you buy them online, you’re charged a service fee, and I just didn’t feel right about paying almost twenty dollars for a single ticket, so I opted to wait and buy them at the theater today. Unfortunately, when I arrived twenty minutes before showtime, there were no more tickets to be bought and the next available showings weren’t until hours later, so I’ll have to wait until another day to see Black Panther. Perhaps then I’ll be a little less procrastinatory when it comes to obtaining tickets.

Even though I didn’t get to see the film that I was so looking forward to, I still wanted to watch a movie today because the rainy overcast weather was perfect for such an activity, so I stopped by my local Blockbuster, found out they were closed, then settled for the heartless corporation that put them out of business, Redbox. It’s not that I don’t like Redbox, but they keep raising their prices and I’m still the irresponsible idiot who forgets to take the movie back for days on end, so things aren’t trending my way financially. Standing at the box, I had a burst of inspiration and googled promo codes that I could use for a free rental and to my luck I found a website that informed me such a code could be obtained by texting the word MOVIE to 727-272, which I shamelessly did. The message that came back was not a code, but a link to a website to sign up for some email thing that would get me the code, and it all just sounded like too much work for a buck fifty, so I loosened the death grip on my wallet and decided to live a little.

Scrolling through the selections I realized something about myself, that Redbox has a ton of movies that I have absolutely no interest in watching, but finally a title caught my eye, The Big Sick. Not that any of the producers on The Big Sick phoned me up for my opinion, but I think that’s a terrible name for a movie, but I’d heard really good things about it and it’s up for some big awards, so I decided to check it out. Back at home I drew the blinds to make the living room as dark as possible, attempting, impossibly so, to give my living room a movie theater feel. I popped some popcorn and poured a glass of caffeine free diet soda, really going over the top to recreate the scenario I’d imagined in my head as I left the house an hour previously with the intention of seeing a film at the Paradiso. My popcorn had one hundred percent more kernels in it than theater popcorn, and though it advertised movie theater butter on the box, it was far worse than any overpriced popcorn that I’ve ever bought. I was happy about the soda though, because for the past week or so I’ve been doing a no caffeine thing, and I didn’t know if the movie theater would accommodate my needs in that regard, leaving me worried about having to be the weirdo that washes down his popcorn with a bottled water, but in my apartment, such a horrifying scenario did not occur.

The Big Sick is the story of a Pakistani man living in Chicago who meets and begins dating a white American woman. The only problem is, his mother insists he marry a Muslim woman, and has a different one drop by every time he’s over for dinner at his parent’s house in an attempt to set him up. He keeps his American girlfriend a secret from his parents because he knows the news will devastate him and it could lead to them disowning him as their son altogether. He’s left with the difficult choice of either making his parents happy or doing what makes him happy. Overall it’s a good movie and I did enjoy it, but I did find it to be a little slow in parts and it seemed to drag on a bit. I don’t know if I would give it any awards, but I don’t feel like it was a waste of my time to watch. I started out today wanting to watch a movie, and although I didn’t get to see the one I’d intended to see, I did get to watch a pretty enjoyable movie. Mission accomplished.


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